Digi-Schlock: EROTICA PSYCHEDELICA (Cult Epics 3 Blu-Ray Box Set)

Not only has Cult Epics released several Radley Metzger titles on blu-ray, they’ve also assembled a few of them into a convenient box set called Erotica Psychedelica.  This collection features The Lickerish Quartet and the theatrical release versions of Camille 2000 and Score (longer versions of the latter two titles are available on separate blu-rays).  Schlockmania has covered these three discs in a series of film and blu-ray reviews and you can find the original entries on these titles via the links below:

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However, the Erotica Psychedelica box deserves its own separate Digi-Schlock entry because it offers two extras that are exclusive to this collection.  The first is a full-color booklet of liner notes.  It includes an elegant introductory essay by Metzger, a career overview from Nathaniel Thompson of Mondo Digital and a brief bio of the director.  The Thompson essay is the heart of the booklet and he does well by his subject, mixing critical insights about the films in this set with quotes from Metzger himself.  The photos offers a mixture of stills and candids from the film, including a rather startling still from Score involving Calvin Culver and Lynn Lowry.

The soundtrack compilation disc includes music from all three films.  There are 4 cues from The Lickerish Quartet by Stelvio Cipriani: sound quality is a bit raw on these but this is the first time they’ve been issued on disc so that’s a coup in itself.  The majority of the disc is devoted to Piero Piccioni’s soundtrack from Camille 2000.  All this material sounds great, focusing primarily on slinky, organ-driven lounge grooves plus a few sweet string-laden orchestral items.  A number of alternate versions of cues are also included for this score.  Best of all, this disc opens and closes with the memorable theme song from Score in both its versions, “Where Is The Girl” and “Where Is The Boy.”  This tune, a sort of pop tune done garage rock style with Procol Harum organ, is addictive stuff.

Overall, this is nice tidy package for Metzger enthusiasts.  Each of the blu-rays is worthwhile in both content and a/v quality and the booklet and CD are a nice bonus for buying these titles bundled together.  It’s a worthwhile value for fans at any level of experience with this stuff – and if you’re new to the director’s work, it’s a lavish yet affordable way to dive in head-first.

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