Digi-Schlock: LADY IN WHITE (Scream Factory 2 Blu-Ray Set)

Lady In White is a title that earned some deserved attenton on DVD, first through a disc from Elite Entertainment and then a later MGM special edition.  Both used the director’s cut version of the film but each version had some unique extras and neither featured the theatrical cut of the film.  Now, Lady In White has LadyIW-blumoved into the blu-ray realm via a new 2 disc set from Scream Factory.  Fans will be happy to know that it features both prior versions of the film, all the extras and throws in a third version of the film via an extended director’s cut.

The director’s cut is featured on the first disc while the second disc features the theatrical version and a new extended director’s cut that adds nearly ten additional minutes of footage from an existing print.  All three version do well by a film whose look is tough to capture on video due to its deliberately soft visual style and interiors that are often dimly lit for atmospheric reasons.  A title card before the extended director’s cut warns of inconsistencies in visual quality with the new footage but these moments are mild in nature.  Overall, these transfers look great and fans will enjoy having all the versions in one place.

5.1 and 2.0 lossless stereo tracks are included for all versions of the film.  Purists will be pleased by the presence of the skillfully-balanced original stereo mix but the 5.1 mix adds some nice dimension to the effects and particularly the musical score.

All of the set’s extras are housed on the first disc, collecting the bonus features from both prior DVD editions and adding a few additonal surprises.  Here’s the rundown…

Commentary: this solo track by writer/director/composer Frank LaLoggia was originally recorded for the Elite release.  His delivery is relaxed but highly detailed as he covers a variety of topics: the unusual methods used to finance the film, the old school techniques used to achieved the atmospheric visuals and a scene-by-scene analysis of the characters and the film’s theme of family.

Introduction (0:46): a quick but fond intro from the director.


Behind The Scenes Footage (16:21): a collection of vintage video footage from the film’s set.  There’s a lot of LaLoggia directing exteriors and the scenes in the cloakroom.  He provides an optional commentary that adds context and interesting trivia: this is the best way to watch this footage.

Deleted Scenes (36:13): a weighty collection of scene extensions and a few previously unseen sequences, with optional director commentary for each.  Some interesting inclusions include a flashback wedding sequence for Angelo and a long version of an excellent scene featuring Sydney Lassick as a mailman who counsels Frankie.


Extended Behind The Scenes (1:13:21): this jumbo-sized surprise inclusion features the moments from the prior BTS compilation plus tons more.  Several scenes include titles to identify specific crew members.  Highlights include Alex Rocco visiting a nursing home, a video LaLoggia made for school kids to explain the post-production process, footage from a private premiere and even a couple of local t.v. news stories.

Promo Short Film (7:18): this was the original short film used to help raise funds for the feature film.  Katherine Helmond appears but it includes a different cast of kids and acts as a sort of highlights reel from the film, including some climactic stuff with full visual effects.  This hasn’t been seen on home video since the Elite DVD and it’s a treat for fans.


Additional Extras: the original theatrical trailer, three alternate trailers, a trio of t.v. spots, about two and a half minutes’ worth of radio spots, a behind-the-scenes photo montage and an extended photo gallery.

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