Digi-Schlock: SECTOR 7 (Shout! Factory Blu-Ray)

Sector 7 offers another example of Shout! Factory’s willingness to experiment with bringing Asian genre fare to a U.S. home video audience (see Accident for a similar recent effort from this company).  Like Accident, it’s a solid and good-looking presentation of a title that Asian film enthusiasts will want to check out.

Sector 7 was shown in both 2-D and 3-D during its theatrical engagements.  Fittingly, this disc from Shout! Factory presents both versions for the viewer.  The 2-D version was watched for this review and it’s a quality anamorphic transfer, with a nice level of detail and an effective reproduction of the film’s industrial workplace color scheme (not to mention some colorful sunsets in the exterior sequences).  In terms of audio, there are both DTS and compressed version of the film’s original Korean 5.1 soundtrack.  The DTS option was used for this review and this disc reproduces its blockbuster-size clatter with an appropriately high level of clarity.

There are also a handful of special features on this set.  The first is a theatrical trailer aimed at English speaking markets that juxtaposes subtitle clips with title cards in English.  This trailer is followed by a series of brief behind-the-scenes featurettes that only run a few minutes each.  The most comprehensive is entitled “Making Of” and it sets a land speed record for how quickly one can cover the production of a film, moving at blitzkrieg speed as it briefly touches on the salient points of the production in just under six minutes.  The other clips are all in the two minute range and the most fun shows the challenges the actors endured trying to react to a monster that had to be added into the scenes later via post-production effects.

All in all, this a good, reasonably priced disc for fans of this kind of fare.  If you’re into genre movies from South Korea, this offers a nice domestic way to catch up on one of that country’s more high-profile recent productions.

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