Digi-Schlock: X-RAY/SCHIZOID (Scream Factory Blu-Ray)

August’s Scream Factory lineup has produced another double-feature disc: this two-for-one special pairs X-Ray with Schizoid. The results go together pretty well because they are a good match on a number of levels: both films were released by Cannon near the beginning of their Golan-Globus era, have a medical theme and are regularly grouped in with the slasher subgenre. Both titles also never received proper DVD releases in the U.S. so this new blu-ray/DVD combo edition offers a cost-effective way to see them as they were intended – and they throw in a few fun extras to further sweeten the deal.

The blu-ray is what was viewed for this review. Both films look good in the new HD transfers used here, particularly when you consider the visual challenges they offer: X-Ray features a lot of low-lit night interior scenes while Schizoid uses a lot of natural lighting that features plentiful shadows in both day and night scenes. The transfers cope pretty well with these challenges, adding a boost to the naturally soft details in both films while retaining a natural celluloid look. The original mono mixes are presented in lossless form on the blu-ray and both hold up well, showing no distortion and offering a nice, clear sonic presentation on each film.

Scream Factory has also found enough room to add in a few extras. An original theatrical trailer is included for Schizoid that plays up the film’s slasher elements and its bizarre synthesizer score. An interview featurette is also included for each film, both of them produced by Red Shirt Pictures. “Bad Medicine” is an interview with X-Ray director Boaz Davison, who talks about his history with Cannon Films, how he unexpectedly ended up in the director’s chair on this film and his awareness of how the film is perceived as camp (revealed via a tale about bumping into an exhibitor who gave him an unexpected and unusual compliment).

The other interview piece is entitled “Dear Alison” and is an interview with Donna Wilkes, who stars in Schizoid. She looks back on the film with good cheer as she discusses her history in the business, the challenges of acting alongside Klaus Kinski and an unnerving accident that happened while shooting one of the film’s shock sequences. Angel fans will be happy to hear a brief anecdote about that film, too.

In short, this double bill of X-Ray and Schizoid is another quality package from Scream Factory and a guaranteed delight for slasher movie addicts.

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