NEW WORLD ON NETFLIX: A Schlockmania Review Collection

For Schlockmania’s money, the best of all the ’70s-era b-indie studios that catered to the drive-in market was Roger Corman’s New World Studios.  During his decade-and-change tenure at New World, Corman released an array of punchy, fast-moving b-movie classics that occupy a fond place in the hearts of exploitation film fanatics all over the world.  A fistful of these classics were added to Netflix’s streaming service at the top of the year and will be available through July 1st, 2013 – and if you haven’t seen them all, there’s a hole in your drive-in movie repertoire that needs to be filled.

With that in mind, here is a list of those films with links of full-length reviews for each here at this site.  By the way, everything on this short but action-packed list has been released on either DVD, blu-ray or both formats by Shout! Factory.  If you check out one of these titles on Netflix and fall in love with it, it is well worth investing in the Shout! Factory release of said film.

Battle Beyond The Stars

The Big Bird Cage

Caged Heat

Crazy Mama

Death Race 2000

Grand Theft Auto

Humanoids From The Deep

Women In Cages

One final note: if you’d like further info on New World releases that aren’t currently on Netflix streaming, just click on the “New World Pictures” tag below and it will bring up a list of every New World release reviewed at Schlockmania.

Happy reading, and even happier viewing…

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