NUEVO FANGO: Introduction

As Your Humble Reviewer has discussed before, his days of Fangoria fandom were a brief but memorable time that began in 1987 and ended sometime in 1991 (an issue with Body Parts on the cover was the last one he bought from the newsstands).  The reasons for this parting of the ways were twofold: he’d lost interest in where horror cinema was going and this corresponded with a broadening of interest in other areas of cult movie fandom: Hong Kong cinema, blaxploitation,  etc.  The old issues stayed in the collection but no new ones were added.

However, this state of affairs was upended recently when Your Humble Reviewer came into possession of a trio of issues from the recent, Chris Alexander-edited incarnation of the magazine.  Since the magazine was beginning a new chapter, it seemed appropriate to give it a you-are-there appraisal that could act as a sort of postscript to the story unfolding in the Fango Files.

Thus, Schlockmania now invites you to check out a new three-part post series called Nuevo Fango.  It will approach these recent issues from an old fan’s point of view, offering commentary and observations on its approach to the current status of the horror genre.  If you have enjoyed the Fango Files, perhaps you will find this to be an interesting sidebar to that ongoing series.  At the very least, it will offer a glimpse into the current state of the magazine for those who have not yet checked out its new format.

Happy reading and, as the great Ghoulardi once said, stay sick.

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