SNOW HONEYS: Loops On The Slopes

The loop-carrier was the adult filmmaker’s best friend during the genre’s heyday. If you were short on money but had access to a library of hardcore sex scenes and/or existing films, you could shoot a quick wraparound and use existing sex footage to pad things out to feature length. If you could get access to the really good scenes with name stars, you would also instantly acquire an impressive cast at little expense. Voila: instant feature-length film.

SnowHon-dvdSnow Honeys offers a noteworthy example of the loop-carrier. There’s a wraparound set at a ski lodge with adult film actors Ken Starbuck and Cara Lott introducing sex scenes as they trade double entendres and the occasional adult film biz joke. Of course, these interstitial bits quickly move towards intercourse, with the two amusingly trying to stay on top of their dialogue while simultaneously having sex (now, that’s acting).

Luckily for Snow Honeys, the sex scenes introduced by this duo deliver the carnal goods for the raincoat crowd. There are few scenes from Sweet Cheeks and a Superman-parody porno that involves Kandi Barbour, Mike Horner and Seka. Seka fans will also be happy to see there is a master-cut of sex scenes from her films that includes John Holmes and Desiree Cousteau. The most unusual inclusions are a quick sex scene from a French hardcore film that consists mostly of anatomical shots and a “money shots” montage that uses 4-way split-screens to quadruple the action.

In short, Snow Honeys is a fun example of the loop-carrier, with a goofily amusing wraparound and a collection of scenes that manage to pack about two hardcore films’ worth of sex into 75 minutes. With proportions like that, any adult movie buff will find this a win/win proposition.

DVD Notes: Impulse Pictures just released this on DVD. After some scratchy credits, the image quality becomes really good: the full-frame imagery is colorful and vivid. Better yet, there is surprising consistency in the image quality of all the different sources cobbled together for this film. All in all, a nice upgrade of a vintage adult flick for the genre’s fans.

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