Schlock-Wire: 1st Trailer For SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE

Here’s some news on an upcoming indie flick worth looking out for: Some Guy Who Kills People recently debuted its first trailer online and it looks very promising.  This blend of indie comedy and splat-happy horror was executive produced by John Landis and directed by Jack Perez, a friend of Schlockmania who has carved a memorably offbeat career as a filmmaker over the last few decades.  Perez has directed everything from episodic t.v. (the pilot for Xena: Warrior Princess) to camp classics (the meme-tastic Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus)  to award-winning indie fare (La Cucaracha).

Some Guy Who Kills People focuses on Ken (Kevin Corrigan), a man who entered a mental institution at a young age after being driven over the edge by a gang of youthful tormentors.  He leaves the institution as a grown-up and returns home, where he discovers that his nemeses have grown older but not kinder.  From there, it’s best to let the trailer do the talking so check out the embedded video below…

As the trailer illustrates, the story has an interesting sensibility, shifting from an indie comedy style about a schlub trying to fit in to a darker, horror-tinged black comedy that isn’t afraid to punctuate its gags with a dose of the red stuff.  And get a load of that cast: Kevin Corrigan gets a rare leading role and has Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Lucy Davis and Leo Fitzpatrick backing him up.  Definitely seems to be something worth looking out for…

Some Guy Who Kills People is just beginning to enter the festival circuit but you can keep track of its progress by visiting the following sites:

Official Website:


Facebook Page:

Twitter Page:!/someguywhokills

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  1. yay leo fitzpatrick(telly)is in this awesome
    looking indie flick cant wait to see it cause
    I freaking love him hes just awesome and I
    have two posterboards filled with his pictures
    and some of his movies!

    so yeah leo coolpatrick if your reading this you fucking rock man and hope to work with you and meet you some day!

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