Schlock-Wire: 5 DISCO RECHARGE Reissues In October 2012 – Change, Voyage, Ultimate & Boris Midney

The new Disco Recharge reissue series from Harmless Records has been doing some great work this year – and October looks to be their biggest month yet.  They have five different releases coming out in that month, all of which offer the special edition treatment to a variety of cult classic disco albums.  The groups involved include fan favorites like Change, Voyage and Ultimate as well as four different albums’ worth of material masterminded by symphonic disco wizard Boris Midney.  Read on for all the discophile-dazzling details…



Change – The Glow Of Love / Miracles – Special Edition

Whilst most disco artists struggled to produce consistent albums, Change pulled off the double whammy of the two best selling and critically acclaimed albums in two years. ‘The Glow Of Love’, releases in 1980 is perhaps the greatest Italian dance album of all time and widely regarded as an international ‘breakthrough’ album for dance music. Change was put together by the Italian dream team of Mauro Malavasi, David Romani and executive producer Jaques Fred Petrus. With Luther Vanross and Jocelyn Brown on lead vocals it was hardly a surprise that it was such a huge global success.

Boris Midney – Beautiful Bend / Caress – Special Edition

Producer, writer, arranger, engineer and multi instrumentalist Boris Midney was born in Russia but defected to the US via Tokyo. He had his first US success as part of the Russian Jazz Quartet. Both his parents were musicians and he was trained from an early age at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. His background in Russia gave him a unique style like no other disco artist. His richly textured soundscapes can be enjoyed equally at home or on the dancefloor. ‘Beautiful Bend’ and ‘Caress’ are two of his most acclaimed albums.

Voyage – Voyage III – Special Edition

Voyage were one of the key players in the Euro Disco scene of the late 70s and early 80s. Disco Recharge is proud to present this complete album on CD for the first time. It includes the massive hits, ‘I Love You Dancer’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again’ as well as the third volume of the ‘Special Instrumental’ album which features the much sought after instrumentals from ‘Voyage III’ and their final album ‘One Step Higher’.

Boris Midney – Come Into My Heart / USA-European Connection – Special Edition

This is the 2nd installment in the Boris-Midney re-issue programme. ‘Come Into My Heart’ was originally released on the legendary TK label and its follow up ‘USA-European Connection’ on TK subsidiary, Marlin. Both albums were smash hits in clubs across the world and best sellers on the Billboard dance charts

Ultimate / Ultimate II

Originally released in the iconic Casablanca label you could not escape the ‘Love Is The Ultimate’ medley when it was released in 1979. The masterminds behind this project were Philadelphia based Italian Guiliano Salerni and Boris Midney cohort Bruce Weeden. Between them they crafted a classic disco album which has since become highly collectible. It also includes the stand-out cut ‘Ritmo De Brasil’. ‘Ultimate II’ was produced by Bruce Weeden after the disco bubble had burst in the US, an example of how musical style changed during the last days of disco.

Disco Recharge: Change – The Glow Of Love/Miracles Special Edition

Catalogue number: DRCCDX001

Barcode: 5014797880016

Disc 1 – The Glow Of Love/Miracles – Original Albums

The Glow Of Love

1) A Lover’s Holiday 6.30

2) It’s A Girl’s Affair 5.32

3) AngeI In My Pocket 6.11

4) The Glow Of Love 6.15

5) Searching 8.04

6) The End 5.54


7) Paradise 5.13

8 – Hold Tight 4.28

9) Your Move 4.26

10) Stop For Love 4.12

11) On Top 5.17

12) Heaven Of My Life 5.38

13) Miracles 5.27

Disc 2 – Mixes

1) A Lover’s Holiday (Original 7” Mix) 3.57

2) A Lover’s Holiday (Single Edit) 4.14

3) It’s A Girls Affair (7” Edit) 4.09

4) It’s A Girl’s Affair (Single Edit) 4.36

5) Angel In My Pocket (Original 12” Mix) 7.10

6) The Glow Of Love (Long Version) 8.21

7) The Glow Of Love (Short Version) 3.39

8 – The Glow Of Love (Single Edit) 4.36

9) Searching (Original 7” Mix) 3.16

10) Searching (Single Edit) 4.45

11) The End (7” Edit) 3.55

12) Paradise (UK Version) 5.14

13) Paradise (Single Edit) 3.13

14) Hold Tight (Short Version) 3.45

15) Hold Tight (Edit) 3.57

16) Stop For Love (Short version) 3.48

17) On Top (Extended Version) 6.00

Disco Recharge: Beautiful Bend/Caress

Artists: Beautiful Bend/Caress

Titles: Make That Feeling Come Again!/Caress

Catalogue number: DRCCDX005

Barcode: 5014797880054

Disc one

Beautiful Bend – Make That Feeling Come Again!

1) That’s The Meaning 8.24

2) Boogie Motion 5.08

3) Make That Feeling Come Again! 11.20

4) Ah – Do It 4.30

Bonus Tracks

5) That’s The Meaning/Boogie Motion (Original 12” Mix) 7.25

6) Make That Feeling Come Again!/Ah – Do It (Original 12” Mix) 7.30

Disc two

Caress – Caress

1) Catch The Rhythm

2) Charmed By You

3) You Got It Too Uptight

4) Love Spell

Bonus Tracks

5) Catch The Rhythm (Original promo only 12” Mix) 7.20

6) You Got It Too Uptight/Love Spell (Original promo only 12” Mix) 8.23

Disco Recharge: Voyage 3 – Special Edition



CD 1

Original album

1) Music, Music 4.10

2) I Love You Dancer 5.35

3) I’m Only Human 7.07

4) Do It Again 5.13

5) I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again 5.32

6) All The Way 5.54

Special Instrumental Vol. 3

7) Let’s Get Started 7.08

8 – Come And Get It 4.56

9) Follow The Brightest Star 8.06

10) I Surrender 5.29

11) Music, Music 5.17

12) I Love You Dancer 5.40

13) Do It Again 5.06

CD 2

1) I Love You Dancer (Original 12” Mix) 6.37

2) I Love You Dancer (Original 7” Mix) 4.32

3) I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again (Original 7” Mix) 3.57

4) Discotch (Original 12” Mix)  8.43

5) Discotch (Original 7” Mix) 3.27

Sylvia Mason album

6) We’ve Gotta Dance 5.46

7) Shadow In The Sun 4.42

8 – Hello Superduper Star 5.20

9) Somebody Loves You 4.55

10) You’re Like A Silent Movie 3.56

11) Closer To Heaven 4.39

12) Afraid Of Love 3.44


13) We’ve Gotta Dance (Original Version Lounge) 6.44

14) We’ve Gotta Dance (Original 12” Mix) 5.55

15) We’ve Gotta Dance (Original 7” Mix) 3.25

Title: Disco Recharge: Boris Midney vol 2: Come Into My Heart / USA-European Connection – Special Edition

Artist: USA-European Connection

Catalogue number : DRCCDX007

Barcode : 5014797880078

Disc 1

Come Into My Heart

1) Come Into My Heart / Good Loving 14.51

2) Love’s Coming / Baby Love 12.53

Bonus Tracks

3) Come Into My Heart / Good Loving (Original 12” Mix) 6.18

4) Love’s Coming / Baby Love (Original 12” Mix) 5.59

5) Come Into My Heart / Good Loving  (Original 7” Mix) 3.37

6) Love’s Coming / Baby Love (Original 7” Mix) 3.05

Disc 2

USA-European Connection

1) I’d Like To Get Closer  5.42

2) Do Me Good 8.35

3) Join The Dance 4.25

4) There’s A Way Into My Heart 12.07

Bonus Tracks

5) I’d Like To Get Closer / Do Me Good (Original 12” Mix) 10.08

6) There’s A Way Into My Heart (Original 12” Mix) 9.21

Disco Recharge: Ultimate/Ultimate II


1) Love Is The Ultimate – Dancing In The Night – Touch Me Baby (Medley) 14.29

2) Ritmo De Brazil 4.50

3) Music In My Heart 6.19

4) Take Me To Chinatown 5.03

Bonus tracks

5) Love Is The Ultimate Medley 8.08

6) Love Is The Ultimate Medley 10.39

Ultimate II

7) This Time I’m In Love 3.58

8 – Feel So Fine 4.51

9) Get To The Top 4.08

10) Secret Agent Man 3.53

11) Back Together 5.29

12) Now And Forever 4.13

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