Schlock-Wire: An Anglo-Horror DVD Reissue Roundup, Courtesy Of Fangoria

Fangoria has been on a roll lately with their DVD news coverage, dishing up a trio of news items in the last couple of days that focus on the reissue of vintage British horror flicks on DVD.  The following is a quick guide to these stories, along with links and a few stray comments from Your Humble Reviewer…

First up, Dark Sky Films is unleashing a reissue of Horror Hospital, an enjoyably oddball flick about strange, gruesome goings-on at a secluded hospital.  It boasts a few unforgettable images (look out for the hospital’s car!) and a typically wonderful performance from U.K. character actor Michael Gough.  This disc will be released in the summer.  Click here for tech specs and supplement info:

Horror Hospital DVD details at Fangoria

Severin will throw their hat in the ring this fall with reissues of two vintage faves, The House That Dripped Blood and Horror Express.  The former is an Amicus horror anthology penned by genre great Robert Bloch and the latter is a Spanish/U.K. co-production with Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas about an unearthly monster terrorizing a Trans-Siberian train.  Both will receive new hi-def transfers and will also be issued on Blu-Ray.  Click here for the early news:

House That Dripped Blood & Horror Express DVD news at Fangoria

Finally, the biggest news comes from Synapse Films: they have obtained the rights to a trio of Hammer classics that have never been on DVD in the U.S. before.  The titles are Hands Of The Ripper, Twins Of Evil and Vampire Circus.  If that’s not enough news for you, they’re also doing a box set of the 13-episode t.v. series Hammer House Of Horror.  A fall release is being considered for all four titles and you can read more details via this link:

Tons O’ Hammer DVD’s coming from Synapse – news from Fangoria

All in all, this is a very nice batch of titles.  Those of us who have been saddened by the lack of vintage title reissues in recent years now have a bevy of reasons to be cheerful.  Redder pastures lie across the Atlantic and Dark Sky, Severin and Synapse will be bringing it all home.

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  1. Excellent news that these are coming to R1 at last; I’m happy to double dip on most of them.

    I noticed that Robert Bloch’s name is spelt Robert Block on THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD poster.

    Didn’t anybody pick that up?

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