Schlock-Wire: Headpress Books Unleashes BLEEDING SKULL Horror Film Guide

Horror scholars should keep a lookout for the latest release from Headpress Books: it’s entitled Bleeding Skull: A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey and offers an in-depth look at the oddities unleashed on unsuspecting horror buffs during the genre’s VHS era.  It was penned by Joseph Ziemba and Dan Budnik, who also ran the popular review website of the same name, and the book collects 300 detailed reviews of the most mind-bending horror flicks to emerge from the Reagan era.  Read for all the trash-on-tape details, including a free sample and information on an exclusive hardback version available only through the Headpress website…


A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey

by Joseph A. Ziemba & Dan Budnik

BLEEDING SKULL! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey is the definitive resource on 1980s trash-horror cinema.

BLEEDING SKULL! features 300 in-depth reviews of movies that have escaped the radar of people with taste and the tolerance of critics. Black Devil Doll From Hell, A Night To Dismember, Heavy Metal Massacre, The Last Slumber Party — this book gets deep into gutter-level, no-budget horror, from shot-on-video (SOV) revelations (Doctor Bloodbath) to forgotten theatrical casualties (Frozen Scream). Clown midget slashers! The  Indonesian Jason! A pregnant woman in a bikini who eats fried chicken before getting her fetus ripped out by a psychopath! It’s all here. And it’s all curated by the enthusiastic minds behind, the world’s foremost authority on trash-horror obscurities.

Jam-packed with rare photographs, advertisements, and VHS sleeves (most of which have never been seen), BLEEDING SKULL! is an edifying, laugh-out-loud guide through the dusty inventory of the greatest video store that never existed.

We are offering a beautiful NO ISBN HARDBACK edition of BLEEDING SKULL! for the cover price of the paperback elsewhere.

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