Schlock-Wire: Overdose On ’70s Sickness With BLOOD AND LACE Blu-Ray In November

Big news for fans of ’70s shockers: Scream Factory will be releasing overlooked proto-slasher Blood And Lace on blu-ray in November. This will be the first-ever U.S. home video release for this A.I.P. rarity, which is fondly remembered in certain horror fan circles for being one of the most twisted PG-rated films you could ever see. It will be getting the blu-ray/DVD combo pack treatment from Scream Factory, including a few extras. Read on for all the sicko seventies details, including cover art and a rundown of the bonus features…

Scream Factory Presents


On Blu-ray + DVD November 24, 2015

For the first time ever on a home entertainment format!

Blood&L-bluShe searched through the dark corridors of the unknown, only to find… the unbearable. Available for the first time on a home entertainment format, the 1971 cult favorite Blood and Lace is a twisted tale of horror frequently cited as a precursor to the slasher films of the late 70s and early 80s. On November 24, 2015, the long-lost film released theatrically from American International Pictures is finally available for horror fans on Blu-ray + DVD combo pack, complete with bonus features including a brand new high definition transfer and new audio commentary with film historian Richard Harland Smith.


After her mother’s brutal murder at the hands of a hammer-wielding maniac, teenaged Ellie Masters (Melody Patterson) is suddenly orphaned. She is sent to a home for children run by the enigmatic Mrs. Deere (Gloria Grahame, a 1952 Best Supporting Actress Academy Award® winner for her role in The Bad and The Beautiful), in spite of the concern that Ellie will be the newest target of her mother’s killer. But as terror strikes again and again, it becomes unclear who might be the bigger threat to Ellie’s life: the mysterious murderer with a hammer…or her sadistic new caretaker.

With borderline insane plot twists, and some unexpected performances by two faces familiar to fans of classic sitcoms – Vic Tayback (“Mel” from Alice) and Len Lesser (“Uncle Leo” from Seinfeld) –  this little-known horror gem is a jolting, terror-filled thriller you’ve got to see to believe.

Special Features:

  • Brand New High-Definition transfer
  • New Audio Commentary by Film Historian Richard Harland Smith
  • Alternate Opening Title
  • Original Theatrical Trailer


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