Schlock-Wire: BMX Bandits Coming To DVD & Blu-Ray From Severin Films!

Big, hot-off-the-presses news from the good folks at Severin – a domestic DVD release is coming for the 1980’s cable & VHS favorite, BMX Bandits!  For those who don’t remember this title, it was part of that small genre of bikesploitation films that emerged when kids were going nuts over BMX bikes during the early-to-mid 1980’s.  BMX Bandits was directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, the same magnificent wizard of Aussie exploitation cinema who gave us Escape 2000 and Dead-End Drive-In, and features a pre-Hollywood Nicole Kidman as one of the heroes (note: she sports a bitchin’ honky-fro hairdo in this flick).  Read on for the introductory info…


The name “Nicole Kidman” is one filled with prismatic meaning.

To some, she’s the prosthetic nose sporting, Oscar®-winner of The Hours. To others, she’s the mortally doomed siren with the morally casual attitude from Moulin Rouge. Or to others still she may be the high-octane headshrinker from Days Of Thunder.

But to anyone who lost their training wheels in the mid-80s, Kidman will always be Judy, the wheelie-happy, water-slide gliding, crime-fighting, bouffy-haired protagonist that powers BMX Bandits.

Due to a sad confluence of circumstance, BMX Bandits, the ultimate cash-in-on-what-the-kids-are-into-these-days 80s epic, has somehow gone unreleased in the United States on DVD.

Until now.

Severin is undoing one of home video’s great wrongs, and is opening up its checkbook to return Nicole Kidman’s high-flying, freestyling, spoke-popping masterpiece to its rightful place in your DVD and Blu Ray collection.

At this moment, Severin is preparing a stunning new hi-def master of Ozploitation puppetmaster Brian Trenchard-Smith’s celluloid mountain top, along with a host of unforgettable extras.

So just be patient…because your high-flying ride to adventure is arriving soon.

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