Schlock-Wire: CINEMA SEWER 3 Is Out Now, Including An Article From Schlockmania!

Here’s an event Your Humble Reviewer has been waiting for all year: after a brief delay, Cinema Sewer 3 is finally available!  For those who haven’t read the comic zine before, Cinema Sewer is an exploitation-film centric publication created by Robin Bougie that explores the scuzzier side of the cinematic spectrum with wit, insight and often surprising levels of scholarship and research.  This new book from FAB Press collects the best of issues #’s 17 through 20 and also adds an impressive 80 pages of new material that diehard fans will want to get.

The above explanation is reason enough to celebrate but Your Humble Reviewer is especially excited because he wrote an article that accounts for nine of the eighty new pages in this tomb.  This piece is entitled “Southern Discomfort” and it pays tribute to the ‘city slickers vs. dangerous country folk’ subgenre of b-movies that was spawned by the success of Deliverance.  It offers capsule reviews for twenty-five key genre entries produced between 1972 and 1987.  It also includes a dazzling layout from Mr. Bougie that mixes ad mats for the films described with some new Bougie artwork.

If that’s not enough for you, Cinema Sewer 3 also includes a brand new review guide/checklist of must-see movies from the Cannon Films catalog.  Bougie wrote this piece and it covers a whopping fifty films, all concisely outlined with the kind of breathless of breathless, gonzo prose fans have come to expect from this publication’s auteur.  One more contents-related note: the vintage material reprinted in this volume includes another team-up between Your Humble Reviewer (prose) and Mr. Bougie (art), a viewing guide for the five best films of Chen Ping, the legendary “sleaze starlet” of the Shaw Brothers studios during their wild 1970’s era.

And here’s the final selling point: buy a copy directly from Bougie and you can get a custom “dirty” drawing created by the man himself.  This offer is good through December 1st.  You can find out the rest of the details and make your purchase here:

Don’t miss out: the presales for this volume were better than those of Volumes 1 and 2 combined.  If you are new to the Cinema Sewer phenomenon, you can also pick up copies of volumes 1 and 2 – according to Bougie, Volume 1 is already on its third printing! Read, learn and get down with the sleaze-cinema lifestyle…

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    1. Hope you like my article, Paul. It ain’t quite Talbot-level scholarship but I hope the fun I had writing the piece is contagious.

      And I’m sure you’ll enjoy the rest of the book, especially the new Cannon Films retrospective.

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