Schlock-Wire: CINEMA SEWER VOLUME 3 Out In August – Featuring A New Article By Schlockmania!

And now, some news for schlockophiles who are also bibliophiles: Robin Bougie’s Cinema Sewer Volume 3 is coming out in this summer from FAB Press.  For those who don’t know the name, Cinema Sewer is a popular, long-time cult film zine that has fans all over the world – and Cinema Sewer Volume 3 collects issues 17-20.  Better yet, it adds 80 pages worth of new material… including an article penned by Your Humble Reviewer!  The piece in question is an epic study/viewing guide of Southern Discomfort films that features illustrations by Mr. Bougie and several ad mats from his personal collection.  Read on for all the biblio-schlocking details…


The Adults Only Guide to History’s Sickest and Sexiest Movies!

Author: Robin Bougie

The ultimate guide to the wildest excesses of grindhouse movies and beyond… Get Ready to Be Flushed!

The celebrated underground smash that is Cinema Sewer the magazine has been transformed and mutated into CINEMA SEWER: THE BOOK – and following the outstanding popularity of the first two books, VOLUME THREE has been unleashed onto a now slightly-less-unsuspecting world!

A mind-melting compilation of gonzo writing, illustration and comics about the most insane, sexy, awkward, cheesy, hilarious, upsetting and jaw-dropping movies in the history of film, Cinema Sewer joyously celebrates the sleaziest aspects of the bizarre cinematic history.

Issues 17 to 20 of Robin Bougie’s celebrated underground smash magazine are exhaustively revised and collated in this second wild volume, together with an additional 80 pages of never-before-seen interviews, rants, comics, hard-to-find classic movie advertising, and graphic illustrations by Bougie and a host of his talented friends from both the comic book and animation industries. Regardless of whether you’re just discovering the world of classic porn, horror, and exploitation movies, or if they’re a long time fan, you’ll find plenty to get excited about, as you gleefully slosh around in the filth of the Cinema Sewer!

‘Cinema Sewer is overwhelmingly positive in outlook. Intelligent, relaxed and unpretentious, the book has a DIY aesthetic that screams punk chic while the text offers an unrelenting renegade attitude.’

– Stu Willis, Sex Gore Mutants

‘Cinema Sewer is an absolute must. It’s like finding a film-reel in the dumpster of an alley on 42nd Street, surrounded by used condoms and a dead cat.’

– Louis Fowler,

The Author/Editor:

In 1997, underground comic artist and zine publisher Robin Bougie began Cinema Sewer magazine, an ode to the seamier side of film and the culture which surrounds it. With an obscenely large collection of rare press books, posters, and obscure deranged movies, Bougie used his geek knowledge, his artistic skills as comic book artist, and connections in the world of porn (his day job is a porn industry journalist for magazines such as FOX and SCREW) to give birth to this unseemly but loveable bastard-child of a publication. Printed comic-sized on cruddy newsprint – ‘a reading experience meant to take place in the bathroom while defecating’ as one critic put it – the magazine quickly found an audience amongst film fans looking for something totally different. Bougie contributes liner notes for dvd releases for companies such as Something Weird Video and has self-published over 70 comic books since he was 18.

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