Schlock-Wire: Get Paranoid With CONSPIRACY CINEMA From Headpress

If you have a taste for documentary cinema’s eccentric side, Headpress is about to unleash a tome that will feed that obsession.  Conspiracy Cinema is an exploration of a distinctly modern wave of internet-distributed documentary filmmaking that explores various conspiracy theories in a way unfettered by objectivity or commercial concerns.  This book is already available in a limited hardcover edition and will soon be released in a paperback version.  Read on for all the diabolical documentary details…

Headpress proudly presents


by David Ray Carter

The first book on the definitive cinematic phenomenon of the new millennium

While they remain marginalised by the mainstream media, conspiracy theories are a growing influence on the contemporary political imagination, thanks mostly to the unprecedented phenomenon David Ray Carter has entitled ‘conspiracy cinema’—documentaries, freely available over the Internet, that present a conspiratorial explanation for an event or series of events, including everything from 9/11 to the Kennedy assassinations, Roswell to HIV.
Incredibly, an estimated half a billion people around the world have watched one of these films at some time or other, yet this is the first book to exclusively address what is indubitably the definitive cinematic movement of the Internet generation. And Conspiracy Cinema presents a light, sometimes funny, interactive (all the films addressed are freely available online) guide to this transgressive, intriguing and immensely popular form of modern entertainment.
Each chapter of Conspiracy Cinema offers readers an overview of a particular conspiracy theory, with a synopsis of both the ‘official’ and conspiratorial positions, before moving on to consider a selection of the worst, the best and the most outlandish films that deal with the conspiracies in question, both considering them as works of documentary filmmaking, and as arguments in their own right.

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