Schlock-Wire: Check Out Shout! Factory’s Excellent New Roger Corman DVD Promo Reel

Here’s a quick, video-intensive missive for the weekend:  Shout! Factory recently posted a fun, trailer-styled promo reel to promote their forthcoming barrage of DVD’s from Roger Corman’s library of New World Pictures productions.  This new line of discs kicks off in grand fashion on Tuesday (May 4th) with a new, remastered disc of Rock & Roll High School that boasts a barrage of new extras involving this classic’s cast and crew.  In the interim, check out this reel because it includes clips from some future releases that haven’t been mentioned before (examples: Grand Theft Auto, Savage! and a big personal fave of Your Humble Reviewer’s called Crazy Mama).  Here’s the clip:

Enjoy the clip, enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to snag a copy of Shout! Factory’s Rock & Roll High School disc.  Those interested in placing their order should check out the link below, which will take you directly to the Shout! Factory site: