Schlock-Wire: Mondo Macabro Introduces You To COUNTESS PERVERSE On DVD In June

And now, a bit of news for Euro-trash scholars: Mondo Macabro will be releasing a DVD of Countess Perverse in June.  It’s a Jess Franco film from his intensely prolific early 1970’s era and offers his take on The Most Dangerous Game leavened with Euro-cult levels of sex and sleaze.  This disc will offer a new transfer from the camera negative and supplements that include the participation of Nightmare U.S.A. author and Franco schlolar Stephen Thrower.  Read on for all Franco-philic details, including links for ordering…

Hunting Humans Was Her Favorite Game…and May Become YOURS!!!!


Jess Franco’s 1973 classic receives an official DVD release and a sparkling transfer!

New York; May 2, 2012) Mondo Macabro is proud to present the official director’s cut of Jess Franco’s outrageous and delirious “Countess Perverse.” Newly restored from a rare camera negative, this limited-edition DVD arrives on June 12th with a S.R.P. of $24.99.

In the “Countess Perverse” aka “La comtesse perverse” (1973, France, 78 min.), a pair of decadent and debauched aristocrats turns their private island into a human hunting ground where they can stalk their naked prey.  As each victim is murdered, their carcass is then cooked and fed to their guests; simply delicious!  What the unsuspecting visitors don’t realize is that they will soon become the next evening’s “meal, “ eventually fighting for their lives in a shocking and flesh-baring cat-and-mouse game.  With suave actor Howard Vernon (“Seven Women for Satan”) and the stunningly sexy Alice Arno (“Justine de Sade”), the “Countess Perverse” delivers Jess Franco-sized,  wicked entertainment packed with sex, sleaze and outrageous behavior.

A film by Jess Franco
1973, France, 78 min., Color, Unrated
French with English Subtitles

Starring Alice Arno, Howard Vernon Kali Hansa,  Lina Romay, Tania Busselier and Robert Woods

Tech and Special Features include:
Brand new transfer from original negative , Anamorphic 16:9, (1.33:1)
Interview with actor Robert Woods
Extensive Production Notes and introduction by film critic Stephen Thrower
S.R.P: $24.99; Street date: June 12, 2012
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