Schlock-Wire: Warner To Release Expanded Reissues of Devo’s DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE and NEW TRADITIONALISTS

Exciting news for all fans of new wave and societal de-evolution: Warner Brothers Records is continuing the Devo reissue series they began last year with reissues of the group’s 2nd  and 4th albums, Duty Now For The Future and New Traditionalists.  If you only know Devo from their singles and music videos, these albums will reopen your ears to who they really were.  Duty Now… is a masterful barrage of punk-tinged new wave with scathing, satirical lyrics and is a bracing listen, even by modern standards.  New Traditionalists has a slicker sound but is no less satirical, highlighted by the powerful ironic statement of “Beautiful World.”  Both discs will feature plentiful bonus tracks, including several fan-favorite classics.  Remember that “we are all Devo” as you read on…


Electro-art-rock iconoclasts DEVO celebrate their early recorded works from the Warner Bros. Records vaults with remastered vinyl and expanded CD editions of their second album, 1979’s “DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE,” and their fourth album, 1981’s “NEW TRADITIONALISTS.” “DUTY NOW” will be available beginning on April 17th, Record Store Day, on vinyl while “NEW TRADITIONALISTS” will follow on May 11th.

Both albums have been re-mastered from the original analog recordings and housed in DEVO-luxish packages with a plethora of bonus tracks. Both titles will be released on CD as well as color vinyl album packages and both will include the Bonus Tracks. Please see below for track listings. The reissues follow last year’s expanded first and third groundbreaking albums: “Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO!” and “FREEDOM OF CHOICE.”

Also available on April 17th, will be a Warner Bros. Records Record Store Day Exclusive DEVO release of two brand new recordings: “Fresh,” backed with “What We Do,” in pristine, Limited Edition 12″ color vinyl glory. These will disappear fast so don’t delay on Record Store Day!

As previously announced, DEVO will perform live at the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA on Record Store Day — April 17th — where fans can buy RSD releases in the Zia Records tent on the festival grounds. All the more reason to come out and hear some brand new, focus group-tested/approved DEVO songs and buy new DEVO music and merch.

As an added bonus, DEVO will host a rare signing session in the Record Store Day Tent, powered by Zia Records where fans can meet DEVO and have your new DEVOlicious purchases autographed by the band on April 17th, at the Coachella Festival. Strangely enough, over 300 Record stores across the U.S. will celebrate RSD in grand DEVO tradition as their employees will be outfitted in exclusive DEVO Energy Domes. Clearly, the Spud Patrol will be in full effect coast to coast and ready to serve YOU, the faithful, beloved Consumer.

Just a few days after Coachella on April 20th, DEVO will perform live on the outdoor stage of ABC TV’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” This is DEVO’s first live television appearance in several years. Tune in to ABC TV at 12:05AM PST and 11:05 CT. Check local listings for details.

Want to get “Fresh,” now? Go to: Stay tuned for more details about DEVO’s plans for a new album to be released later this year.

DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE track listing:

Devo Corporate Anthem


Timing X

Wiggly World


Strange Pursuit

S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)

Triumph of the Will

The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize

Pink Pussycat

Secret Agent Man

Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA

Red Eye Express

Bonus Tracks:

General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now

Soo Bawlz

Be Stiff (Stiff Version)

Penetration in the Centerfold

Secret Agent Man (Live)


Through Being Cool

Jerkin’ Back ‘N’ Forth

Pity You

Soft Things

Going Under

Race of Doom

Love Without Anger

The Super Thing

Beautiful World

Enough Said

Bonus Tracks:

Nu-tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)

One Dumb Thing

Modern Life

Faster and Faster

Psychology of Desire (Demo)

Beautiful World (E-Z Listening Version)

In the meantime, keep an eye on for information, details, merch and your chance to be a part of DEVO history now. Until then, contact: Warner Bros. Records Publicity:

National Spudboy: Rick Gershon 818-953-3473 /

Regional Spudgirl: Amanda Van Goethen 818-953-3211

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