Say Hello To Digi-Schlock

Just a quick note to let you all know DVD reviews are being added to the Schlockmania repertoire.  Each DVD review will contain a brief discussion of transfer quality, notes on the version of the film used for the disc (if applicable) and a subjective response to any special features the disc/set in question might have.  All DVD reviews will be prefaced with “Digi-Schlock” in the title and will be accessible in the Schlock-Optic section (and also via the Digi-Schlock “tag”).

Your Humble Reviewer is not a first-rank technophile so don’t expect DVD-Beaver-style analysis – but he has reviewed DVD’s in the past for All Movie Guide and AVManiacs so he’s familiar with the basic requirements.  These entries will be done in the spirit of offering a fan-level consumer report.  If the disc being dealt with involves complex technical issues, the review will also point you towards reviews by those more skilled in such matters.

In any event, the hope is that these periodic DVD-minded scribblings will give you a little extra ammunition when considering what disc to buy next.

Happy reading (and happy viewing),


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