Schlock-Wire: Scream Factory Unleashes A Double-Feature Blu-Ray Of THE DUNGEONMASTER And ELIMINATORS

Scream Factory will be delighting children of the ’80s in December with a blu-ray of Nightmares but that’s not all they have up their sleeve for those with ’80s nostalgia. They will also be releasing a double-feature blu-ray of The Dungeonmaster and Eliminators. The first film is a fantasy romp of the Dungeons & Dragons variety with a guest appearance by W.A.S.P. while the latter film is comic-book style adventure yarn with sci-fi touches from the same writing team who gave us Trancers. Read on for all the titanic two-fer details, including cover art and a pre-order link…

Scream Factory Presents




On Blu-ray December 15, 2015


Scream Factory presents a double dose of science-fiction fun with The Dungeonmaster & Eliminators in their Blu-ray  debuts on December 15, 2015. This release comes complete with a new interview with director Peter Manoogian.


Dun-Elim-bluTHE DUNGEONMASTER (AKA RAGE WAR) – Unrated Version

Paul, a young computer ace, is forced to pit his physical and mental skills against unimaginable odds when a hulking wizard looking for formidable opponents picks Paul as his next challenger. Paul faces a series of seven spectacular and death-defying challenges and must survive not only to save his life but that of his girlfriend’s too! Jeffrey Byron (Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn) and Richard Moll (Night Court) star in this eye-popping thriller featuring an appearance by W.A.S.P.!



A mandroid – part man and part machine – seeks revenge on the evil scientist who created him. Enlisting the help of a beautiful woman and a mysterious ninja, he pursues the scientist in hopes of stopping him before he can be further harm to humanity. Andrew Prine (The Town That Dreaded Sundown) and Denise Crosby (Star Trek: The Next Generation) star.

Special Features:

NEW Interview with director Peter Manoogian

New High Definition Transfer (Eliminators)

Theatrical Trailer (The Dungeonmaster)


This version of The Dungeonmaster is unrated and different from the PG-13 version shown theatrically. It includes an additional scene with some nudity. Parental Discretion is advised.


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