Schlock-Wire: Esoteric Recordings’ Mar/Apr Slate – PFM, Arthur Brown And More!

One of the more interesting labels of recent vintage is Esoteric Recordings.  This sublabel of the Cherry Red Records empire devotes itself to high-class remasters of vintage prog titles (a genre your Your Humble Reviewer has a serious sweet-tooth for).  The following is a reprint of their most recent newsletter, which recaps the February slate and lays out what’s coming down the pike for March and April.  Lots of good stuff for progheads to salivate over: the label is launching a series of deluxe reissues for cult Italian band PFM (proteges of Emerson, Lake & Palmer – need I say more?) and Arthur Brown, a legendary wild-man from the English music scene who recorded some memorable prog efforts.  If this stuff interests you, be sure to visit the Esoteric website so you can sign up for the newsletter.  In the meantime, read on for more proglicious developments…

Hi guys

February titles are now all in and available, with the exception of 3 delayed Wigwam titles (Fairyport, Being and Music from the Twilight zone) Those titles will be available in around 2-3 weeks.

Feb. titles as follows…

Crazy World of Arthur Brown—remastered 2 Cd deluxe with rare bonus material and a newly designed slipcase. Totally groovetastic!

Ken Hensley-Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf-remaster

Ken Hensley-Eager to Please-remaster

Ramases—Glass Top Coffin-remaster

Hawkwind-Sonic Attack-2 Cd deluxe remaster with a wealth of bonus material (on Atomhenge)

Hawkwind-Alien 4-remaster (on Atomhenge)



Wigwam-Music from the Twilight Zone-remaster

March titles as follows (these are now up and available as pre-orders on the website)

PFM-The World became the World-English language version—remaster plus bonus material (on Manticore)

PFM-Photos of Ghosts-English language version-remaster plus bonus material (on Manticore)

PFM-Jet Lag-English language version-remaster plus bonus track (on Manticore)

Alan Bown-The Alan Bown-remaster

Bob Downes-Electric City-remaster

Bob Downes-Open Music (Dream Journey)-remaster

Home-The Alchemist-remaster plus bonus

The Parlour Band-Is a Friend-remaster plus bonus

Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come-Kingdom Come-remaster plus bonus

Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come-Journey-remaster plus bonus


Hawkwind–Church of Hawkwind-remaster (on Atomhenge)

Harvey Bainbridge-Dreams, Omens and Strange Encounters (on Atomhenge) NEW STUDIO ALBUM—ambient/spacerock

Schicke Fuhrs and Frohling—Symphonic Pictures-remaster plus bonus CD (live SFF-75)  (reactive)

Schicke Fuhrs and Frohling-Sunburst-remaster (reactive)

Fuhrs and Frohling-Ammerland-remaster (reactive)

Alan Bown-Listen-remaster

Alan Bown-Stretching Out-remaster

PFM-Chocolate Kings-2Cd deluxe plus bonus material (on Manticore)-remaster

Clark Hutchinson–Free to be Stoned –2 Cd anthology (covers all 3 albums, no omissions)-remaster

The 3 german albums are under a new imprint for us “Reactive” that we will use for “krautrock” as we have more titles due in this genre. So if you see Reactive out there and wonder if it’s a bootleg!!—No-tis us.

Many thanks to all our customers. We have had a good start to the year and 5 of our titles have been in Amazons top 1000 in the UK for the past month or so (Cave of Clear Light—Pye box, PFM anthology, Sonic Attack, Alien 4,  Ramases and Crazy World of)—so many thanks to all and as always thanks for the many suggestions we get, some of which are possible, some not for all sorts of reasons but its great to get them anyway and we look at them all.

Kind Regards

Vicky Powell

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