Schlock-Wire: Esoteric Recordings’ June Slate – Brainticket, High Tide & Aphrodite’s Child Reissues On The Way…

The good folks at Esoteric Recordings recently revealed their release plans for June and they offer an impressive bevy of remastered prog, psych and Krautrock sounds.  The selections include a release from Pete Banks’ post-Yes outfit Flash as well as Germany’s legendary Brainticket and some choice deep-catalog psych favorites from High Tide and Aphrodite’s Child (an early vehicle for Greek keyboard wizard Vangelis).  Also included is a quick recap of their exciting May releases, which include more Flash and Krautrock.  Read on for all the mind-expanding musical details…

Hi guys

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted face to face interviews between Peter Banks (ex Yes) and Harvey Bainbridge (ex Hawkwind) and Mark Powell on You Tube. This was done for Cherry Red TV and can be found at Go to interviews and then artists stories. Cherry Red TV has many interesting interviews of labels and artists and music business “stuff” on there and is well worth a look.

I’m sure some of you may know that Hawkwind will be headlining the Mojo nominations evening at HMV in London in early May. Details re timings and ticketing will no doubt appear on the Hawkwind website when known . Maybe the band will win an award this year after Atomhenge being runners up last year in the catalogue section! Who knows?

As mentioned before, the May remastered titles are as follows:

SFF-Ticket to Everywhere (on Reactive)

Soft Machine-Bundles (not on CD since the early 90’s) (Softs, Alive and well : Recorded in Paris and Land of Cockayne will follow)

Sam Gopal-Escalator

Jade Warrior-Way of the Sun (formerly on Eclectic)

Jade Warrior-Kites (formerly on Eclectic)

Flash-Out of our Hands

Hawkwind-Xenon Codex (Atomhenge)

Psychedelic Warriors (Hawkwind)-White Zone (Atomhenge)

June’s remastered titles will be as follows:

Brainticket-Psychonaut—- (Reactive)

Brainticket-Celestial Ocean- (Reactive)

Flash-In The Can

Soft Machine-Softs-

High Tide-High Tide-(formerly on Eclectic)

High Tide-Sea Shanties-(formerly on Eclectic)

Aphrodite’s Child-End of the World, Rain and Tears –

Aphrodite’s Child-Its Five O Clock-

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Vicky Powell


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