Schlock-Wire: FEAR FORCE FIVE Is Alive And Well On YouTube

Bored by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?  Need to tune out for a half-hour or so and recharge with a bit of entertainment.  If so, Schlockmania highly recommends you check out Fear Force Five, a new web series created by filmmaker and noted friend of this website, Jack Perez.  Perez himself describes it this way: “utilizing old-school VFX, this retro-styled monster-comedy epic pits a team of 20-something misfits against a 100 foot marauding mega-pirate-zombie!” Imagine a strange lovechild borne of the 80’s teen comedy and the 50’s monster movie and you’re on the right track.

Fear Force Five just made it debut on Cinefix and you can check it out by clicking here:

This playlist contains the trailer, all three parts of the pilot episode and a two-part making-of featurette.  Fans of old-school monster flicks will particularly appreciate this show because it places a heavy focus on using practical effects and vintage optical tricks over the usual CGI.  It’s all Schlockmania-approved and very much worth your time.

Enjoy the viewing and may the show’s mega-pirate-zombie provide you with a new form of yuletide cheer…

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