Schlock-Wire: Severin Heats Up Home Video With FELICITY (1978) On Blu-Ray

A “Skinemax” favorite back in the day became one of Severin’s all-time best sellers. Now the erotic classic FELICITY is getting the royal treatment in its upgrade to Blu-Ray with a stunning new HD scan of the feature supervised by writer/director John D. Lamond. The bountiful array of titillating extras will include, for the first time ever, the UNCUT VERSION of AUSTRALIA AFTER DARK, Lamond’s debut feature THE ABCS OF LOVE AND SEX… AUSTRALIA STYLE, commentaries on all three films plus a host of interview out-takes from NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD!

FELICITY Getting the Severin Blu-Ray Treatment

Felicity-bluShe ain’t mama’s little girl no more! The luscious Glory Annen stars as Felicity Robinson, a sheltered teen who surrenders her blossoming body to a world of bold sexual adventure. From her forbidden pleasures at an all-girl school in England to wanton hungers in the exotic underground of Hong Kong, Felicity finds herself deflowered, defiled and ultimately delighted by the shame and ecstasy of a libido unleashed. Penthouse model Joni Flynn co-stars in this notorious erotic odyssey that defined a generation of horny young men… and quite a few women, too!


FELICITY hits Blu-ray on March 29th and is available for pre-order from the Severin Store!


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