Schlock-Wire: The Original GAMERA Hits DVD This Spring, Courtesy of Shout! Factory

Here’s one for the kaiju-eiga fanatics – a great-sounding DVD release of the first film in the long-running Gamera series.  Like most schlock fans, Your Humble Reviewer grew up watching Gamera flicks on syndicated t.v. channels during their weekend monster movie shows and learned to love the character all over again via MST3K.  Everyone’s favorite giant flying turtle is going to hit the digital medium this spring, with a deluxe package that includes a fresh HD transfer and scads of extras.  Keep on reading to learn all about the fire-breathing fun coming your way…


featuring north american dvd debut of

the original japanese version of the first Gamera movie

presented in anamorphic widescreen from a newly restored hd master



From Japan – the country that brought us such mythical movie monsters as Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah – storms Gamera, the titanic terrapin feared by adults and loved by children. On May 18, 2010, Shout! Factory will unleash Gamera, The Giant Monster – Special Edition on DVD for the first time in its unedited original version, with English subtitles — in anamorphic widescreen from an all-new HD master. The DVD includes a 12-page booklet with an essay by director Noriaki Yuasa, a photo gallery, trailers and more. The collectible Gamera, The Giant Monster Special Edition DVD is priced to own at $19.93.

Like all classic monster movies, it is the folly of man that unleashes a ginormous beast upon the world. This time it is literal fallout from the Cold War — a Soviet bomber is shot down over U.S. airspace in the Arctic Ocean, with the massive radiation from the resultant atomic explosion awakening the ancient, gargantuan Gamera. A long-forgotten legend of the lost continent of Atlantis, the 200-foot-long, fire-eating turtle isn’t in a good mood, and proving impervious to all manmade weapons, the colossal chelonian smashes a cataclysmic swath across the globe. But when he arrives in Tokyo, a small boy forms an odd connection with him, allowing authorities to unleash “Plan Z.”

The classic Gamera was directed Noriaki Yuasa, who helmed all seven of the original Gamera entries in the Showa era series between 1965 and 1971, and stars Eiji Funakoshi (Fires On The Plain), Harumi Kiritachi, Junichiro Yamashiko and Jutaro Hojo (Wrath of Daimajin). The subsequent franchise was more kid-friendly (yet ironically bloodier) than Godzilla, who became less menacing and more cuddly himself during the Sixties. The Gamera series was creative in the monstrous nemeses that it pitted against the towering turtle, the most famous being the flying, pointy-headed Gyaos, who was resurrected for the successful trio of movies in the Heisei-era series between 1995 and 1999.

Created by the same company who brought Zatoichi to the screen, Daiei Studios’ titanic terrapin is the only true rival to Toho’s King Of The Monsters, able to hold his own at the box office and secure a place in the hearts of kaiju eiga (Japanese monster movie) fans around the world. The original films have woefully been underrepresented on DVD, a especially release featuring the authentic Japanese versions.

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Gamera: The Giant Monster

Gamera: The Giant Monster

When a plane carrying an atomic bomb crashes over the Arctic Ocean, the explosion unleashes Gamera, a 200-foot-long fire-eating turtle. He is hungry for destruction and not about to be stopped, until he reaches Tokyo, where a small boy forms an odd connection with him, allowing authorities to unleash ?Plan Z.? FormatAspect RatioLanguageSubtitles NTSC, Region 1, B/W1.85:1 (Widescreen)JapaneseEnglish Run TimeRatingNo. DiscsOrig. Release 78 minutesNR11965 Download Desktop Wallpaper:

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