Schlock-Wire: Update On Disco Recharge’s GRAND TOUR/SOUTHERN EXPOSURE 2-CD Set

Just passing along some updated information about a forthcoming release from Harmless Records’ Disco Recharge reissue series.  The set in question is the double-CD special edition that pairs the Grand Tour and Southern Exposure albums from Canada’s legendary Three Hats Productions.  The new release date for this set is May 13th.  Read on for additional info on these albums, with full track listings – including details on the extensive bonus tracks – and additional info about the albums…




May 13th 2013 | Harmless | CD (DRCCDX015)

“Come And Take A Trip With Me. Fantasy You Can Be Sure…”

So begins a heady trip around the world courtesy of Grand Tour. Originally released in 1977 on the Butterfly label and produced by Canadian disco duo Willi Morrison and Ian Guenther this album showcases six fully orchestrated tracks of an extraordinary pedigree. “The Grand Tour” is an outstanding example of sophisticated North American disco, whilst Flight From Versailles”, as the title suggests, has a much more European flavour along with the insanely catchy “Let’s Go Boating”. And a stunning cover of the Yardbirds “Still I’m Sad” is another real highlight. As well as being a hit on the dance floor the Grand Tour album’s lounge style proved equally popular at late night parties where drug and drink fuelled revellers could take off on a mind excursion together – ‘Grand Tour’ taking them on a trip like no other! Never before issued on CD this Disco Recharge special edition also includes many of the single edits as well as a brand new ‘Grand Tour medley’ created especially for this release.

Disc one

Grand Tour – On Such A Winter’s Day

1) The Grand Tour                            6.02

2) Let’s Go Boating                           5.56

3) Still I’m Sad                                  6.04

4) Flight From Versailles                  6.17

5) Late November                            5.59

6) California Dreamin’                      5.21

Bonus Tracks

7) The Grand Tour (Original 7” Mix)          3.44

8 – Let’s Go Boating (Promo only 7” Mix)   3.32

9) Still I’m Sad (Original 7” Mix)               3.27

10) Late November (Promo Only 7” Mix)  3.54

11) Grand Tour Medley time                      19.07

Guenther and Morrison’s Southern Exposure album takes up disc two of this special edition. Only sparsely distributed outside of the US and Canada upon its’ release in 1979, this is another tour-de-force disco album with its feet planted firmly on the dance floor. “Headin South” has influences of Dan Hartman whilst On Our Way” – probably the strongest track – has a lush 70’s Euro porn style and a number of funky breakdowns that will resonate with the aficionados as well as the disco curious. “Love Is” gallops along in a more traditional US style but with killer hooks and finally “Tight Pants” ups the camp and ends the album on a definite high. Never before released on CD this edition comes with the original 7” edits of “Love Is’”and “Tight Pants” and well as brand new edits of “Headin’ South” and “On Our Way”.

Disc Two

Southern Exposure – Headin’ South

1) Headin’ South                               7.50

2) On Our Way                                  9.33

3) Love Is                                          11.48

4) Tight Pants                                   6.02

Bonus Tracks

5) Headin’ South (Edit)                     3.50

6) On Our Way (Edit)                        3.52

7) Love Is (Original 7” Mix)               3.45

8 – Tight Pants (Original 7” Mix)        3.26

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