Schlock-Wire: Headpress Xmas Deal – Buy DARK STARS RISING, Get TRASHFIEND For Free

One of the best kinds of Christmas gift is a good book.  If you have a schlock fiend amongst your friends or family, here’s a good way to cater to their interests in a cost-effective way.  Headpress Books, an excellent UK-based publisher of books on all manner of eccentric subjects, is offering a swell deal through the holidays: buy a copy of Dark Stars Rising from them and you’ll get a copy of Trashfiend for free.  Your Humble Reviewer owns both books so he can vouch for the quality of this deal.  Read on for schlock scholarship details of this limited-time offer…


Two of our most celebrated and sumptuous publications for the price of one…

Buy Shade Rupe’s lavishly illustrated, internationally acclaimed DARK STARS RISING now and get Scott Stine’s legendary TRASHFIEND absolutely free o’ charge!

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“A wild, untamed grab bag of gonzo genre weirdos in one lovingly sculpted collection. A must-have for cinema miscreants of almost every persuasion.”
Fangoria on Dark Stars Rising

“An eclectic mix of movie reviews, interviews and overviews of various horror collector delights. An essential addition to any genre fans book collection”

Sex Gore Mutants on Trashfiend

For another unorthodox gift idea, why not treat a special someone to a fully illustrated, hardcover, stamped and numbered copy of


Copies still available – but only just

Click here to buy Headpress 2.5 for just £10»

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