Schlock-Wire: Your Humble Reviewer Contributes A Review Of HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE To Mondo Euro’s Naschy Month

Here’s a little tip for Euro-horror fans: the Mondo Euro blog is transforming November into “Naschember” by devoting this month’s posts to reviews of Paul Naschy films.  Your Humble Reviewer was invited to participate and has contributed a review of his personal Naschy fave, Hunchback Of The Morgue.  This delirious blend of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and Frankenstein elements represents Euro-horror at its most endearingly schlocky and this piece is designed to clue you in to why that is so:

Once you are there, it is recommended that you check out the other reviews to get the lowdown on the best and worst of Euro-horror (gratuitous plug: said reviews include a piece on Monster Dog by Your Humble Reviewer that you might enjoy).