Schlock-Wire: Want To Contribute To A Schlockmania-Approved Short Film Project?

Here’s a little bit of news on a short film project that will be made in North Florida by John Stevenson, a friend of Schlockmania.  He’s written and acted in many short films over the years and is currently running a Kickstarter to secure funds for his directing debut.  The subject matter of the film, a mixture of sci-fi and action, is the kind of stuff a Schlockmania reader will get into – and contributions.  Read on for all the short-form schlock details, including the amusing Kickstarter video…

A Few Word’s From John Stevenson’s Kickstarter Page:

Our heroine wakes up in the middle of nowhere with only a sledgehammer to keep the monsters away. Fast, mean, scary…

Thank you for looking at our Kickstarter page!  I am very excited to be directing my first short film.  I come from a background of writing and acting, as you can see from my imdb page…

…but this will be my first time sitting in the director’s chair!  Fortunately, I’ve got a terrific team behind me.

The movie we are trying to make is a 20-minute hard, scary, fun, totally-bad-for-you piece of scifi/horror/action that will play perfectly at 1am on youtube when you need something that totally rocks.  If we make an engagingly addictive B-movie, I’ll be ecstatic!  My cinematic inspiration for this project is stuff like RESIDENT EVIL, FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, PITCH BLACK, and EVIL DEAD 2.  Imagine the celluloid melding of David Lynch and Tony Scott on a $900 budget, and you’ll be in the zone we’re seeking.

Check out the film’s Kickstarter page here:

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