Schlock-Wire: See THE SCARLET WORM And DEATH RIDES A HORSE At Tallahassee’s 8/11 Kino Kola Screening

If you live in North Florida and you dig westerns, you’re in for a double cinematic treat.  The Kino Kola outdoor screening series will be presenting a pair of westerns, one new and one vintage, on the evening of August 11th (a Saturday).  The new film will be The Scarlet Worm (previously reviewed here) and the vintage item will be the spaghetti western classic Death Rides A Horse.  Admission is only four bucks for this double bill – and that also gets you a free bag of popcorn.  Read on for all the sagebrush saga details…


Summer’s finale is upon us and this moody, humid time is perfect for watching a few westerns. With that in mind, the Kino-Kola outdoor screening series at the All Saints Hop Yard has assembled a pair of western wonders, one new and one vintage, for its August event.

The new film is The Scarlet Worm, an excellent, gritty exploration of the Old West’s dark side. In it, experienced gunslinger Print (Aaron Stielstra) is hired by his boss, Mr. Paul (Montgomery Clay), to kill bordello owner Heinrich (Dan Van Hu

sen). The reason is that Heinrich practices illegal abortions on his prostitutes whenever they become impregnated by a client. Print prepares for this task by infiltrating the bordello as a bodyguard but nothing goes according to plan due to double-crosses, emotional complications and some other surprises. The end result is a smart, revisionist take on the genre that isn’t afraid to spill some blood but does so with incisive, uncompromising intelligence.

As a special bonus, The Scarlet Worm will be introduced by Mike Malloy, a former Tallahassee resident who stars in the film and also served as an associate producer. He will introduce the screening and provide some background on its production.

Malloy also chose the second film for this screening, a classic spaghetti western entitled Death Rides A Horse. The grim storyline revolves around Bill (John Philip Law), an angry young man out to kill the gang of criminals who murdered his parents when he was a child. He soon finds himself in competition with Ryan (Lee Van Cleef), a former associate of the gang who ended up in prison when they betrayed him. The two form an uneasy alliance but discover revenge can be unpredictable. This film benefits from stylized direction by Giulio Petroni and a strong script by Luciano Vincenzoni, who also contributed to the scripts of For A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

This exciting double bill will take place on August 11th, a Saturday. The doors open at 7:30 and the show will get going as soon as the sun has set. You get a free bag of popcorn with your ticket plus additional snacks are available at reasonable prices and the bar is fully stocked with craft beer and wine. Don’t let summer pass you by without attending this celluloid shootout…

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