Schlock-Wire: Check Out The Trailer (And The Killer Soundtrack) For LEWIS & KLARQ

This news post will take a quick side-step from Schlockmania’s usual bill of fare for a worthy distraction. Lewis & Klarq is a new indie flick, a blend of ’80s alternative rock and midlife-crisis drama about a music biz executive who returns to his backwater Florida hometown to participate in an intervention for the former musical partner of his teenage years. It merits mention on this site because yours truly was a participant in the production (I earned an associate producer credit for my work on the film.)

Just click on the video below to check out the trailer – don’t let the “drama” tag throw you, this is pretty high-octane stuff:



LewKlr-01And if the music featured in that trailer caught your ear, the directors have put together a soundtrack album that you can check out right now at Bandcamp. It’s a swell listen, packed with great synth-pop tunes in a vintage mid-to-late ’80s style plus some additional alt-rock flavors from a group of gifted Floridian musicians (be sure to listen to “Every City,” it’s a mind-melter).

In fact, they’ve got said soundtrack up for complimentary downloading right now – all the tunes will be available free of charge until the film gets its forthcoming release via VOD and streaming platforms so if you like what you hear, you can grab it all, gratis, until that time.

Here’s the soundtrack link…



Once Lewis & Klarq gets its online release, Schlockmania will be sure to give you the update.  You can also get extra info at the official Lewis & Klarq Facebook page. Until that time, you’ve got a little to watch and plenty to listen to so get your synth-pop groove percolating.

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