Schlock-Wire: AVManiacs/Cinefiles Presents An Exclusive William Lustig Interview

Here is some good viewing for the horror/cult community – Edwin Samuelson, founder of AVManiacs and host of The Cinefiles, recently conducted an interview with William Lustig and posted the results to YouTube.  For those not familiar with the name, Lustig is a popular director of exploitation fare who started the DVD/Blu-Ray label Blue Underground, which issues top-shelf presentations of vintage exploitation fare (and the occasional arthouse flick).  He offers his candid views on a variety of topics in this piece and also reveals some of Blue Underground’s future plans.  Scan down for the clip and additional info about the clip…


Here’s a first – a co-production between The CineFiles and! In this exciting departure from our regular format, we present an interview with Bill Lustig, director of numerous exploitation films, a few of which might be familiar to our readers such as Maniac, Vigilante, and The Maniac Cop series.

Now the head of Blue Underground, one of the premiere DVD and Blu-Ray labels for cult movies, Lustig speaks about how he got into the film industry, his influences, getting into the video industry and even announces a few upcoming titles from Blue Underground – some of which will make horror fans very happy. We hope to make this is a semi-regular feature, so if you enjoy the interview, please be sure to let us know by commenting and subscribing to our You Tube channel: This way you can be alerted when new videos are uploaded, so take the time and sign up!

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