Schlock-Wire: InterVision Gets Vicious On DVD With MURDERLUST

Intervision Picture Corp. has slashed deep into the video archives to present an overlooked classic of the VHS era FULLY UNCUT for the first time in home video history! MURDERLUST is an unflinching look at the darkest impulses of the human animal, and Intervision has restored footage that was brutally carved out of the initial home video assault.


From enigmatic director Donald M. Jones comes one of the most disturbing – and rarely seen – serial killer sagas of the ‘80s: By day, mild-mannered Steve Belmont (Eli Rich of THE JIGSAW MURDERS) is a clean-cut teacher and youth counselor at his Los Angeles church. But by night, he’s a sexual psychopath who murders prostitutes and dumps their bodies in the Mojave Desert. Ashley St. Jon (TAKIN’ IT OFF) co-stars in this “overlooked and effective” (Horrorpedia) chiller, now with an all-new audio commentary and available uncut on DVD for the first time ever.


As a bonus, the disc also includes the first DVD appearance of Jones’ trippy directorial debut. PROJECT NIGHTMARE is the obscure psychedelic nugget that calls “something of a surrealistic masterpiece!”. Due to the absence of extant film materials, each film has been transferred from original one-inch video masters. Release date: January 10th, 2017.




  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer James C. Lane on Murderlust
  • Partial Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer James C. Lane on Project Nightmare
  • Murderlust Trailer


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