Schlock-Wire: Friends Of Schlockmania Need Your Help To Make MY PSYCHEDELIC SUMMER Happen

This news break will take a break from the usual schlock to discuss something near and dear to this website’s heart.  It’s a project that a couple of friends are trying to get off the ground.  It’s a film called My Psychedelic Summer. Your Humble Reviewer got a look at the first draft of the screenplay and it’s a ambitious yet entertaining blend of the coming of age film, the campus comedy and chemical-enhanced inner exploration, further spiced up with some daring visual and timeline-manipulation techniques that come straight from the arthouse.

This project is being spearheaded by Neil Butler and Jason Chimonides.  Your Humble Reviewer attended high school and college with both men and he can vouch for them as a pair of talented souls who deserve the chance to make their bid for cinematic immortality.  The first step they are taking is to film a promotional trailer for the film to raise interest as they shop the project around.  To make this happen, they’ve put together a Kickstarter presentation so they can raise a small sum to shoot the project and be able to pay the cast and crew a modest per-diem for their efforts.

If you would be so kind, please check out that Kickstarter presentation here:

If you like what you see, please donate to the project.  You don’t have to be a megabucks type to contribute because donations start as low as one dollar.  Your Humble Reviewer has kicked in a few bucks and will also be volunteering as part of the production team (this project will be shooting right in his own backyard).

As of this writing, Butler and Chimonides are just under $1000 shy of their goal – and they’ve only got June 7th to round up the rest of it.  For the cost of the coins in your spare change jar, you can be a film financier and make dreams come true.  Schlockmania humbly asks you to give if you are able and help these talented young men fight the good fight.

After all, today’s trailer could make tomorrow’s classic possible.

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