Schlock-Wire: Shout Factory Fires A Double Shot Of Corman Productions With NAKED ANGELS And SWEET KILL

Just a quick bit of news on a pair of Shout! Factory releases that will interest Roger Corman fans.  This company just released a pair of early New World Pictures productions on DVD: Naked Angels and Sweet KillNaked Angels is a biker flick directed by Bruce Clark, who would later helm one of the all-time New World classics, Galaxy Of TerrorSweet Kill, a.k.a. The Arousers, is a psycho thriller that was made by a young Curtis Hanson.  It also boasts a memorable performance from Tab Hunter.  Read for all the schlock-shock details on these titles, which are available exclusively from the Shout! Factory website…



Available On DVD August 21

Shout! Factory is releasing Sweet Kill and Naked Angels, from the Roger Corman’s Cult Classics line, on August 21. The DVDs will be available exclusively from In Sweet Kill (aka The Arousers), former 1950s teen idol Tab Hunter (Battle Cry, The Sea Chase) gives a superbly chilling performance as Eddie Collins, a lonely and frustrated high school gym teacher who finds that he is unable to perform sexually with women because of repressed memories of his mother. After accidentally killing a woman while trying to sleep with her, he finds that he is able to get aroused by the dead body. This leads to a series of murders to fuel Collins’ sexual gratification. The film is written and directed by Academy Award®–winning filmmaker Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle). Also starring Angus Scrimm (Phantasm).

Get an inside look at the bizarre lifestyles of the outlaw bikers in Naked Angels. Many of the roles are played by actual members of the notorious Hells Angels in this classic Roger Corman production. The story revolves around a death feud between two rival biker gangs. The Angels are out to avenge themselves on the Las Vegas Hotdoggers, who severely beat their leader, Mother (Michael Greene, To Live And Die In L.A.). After being released from the hospital, Mother sets out to get revenge on the thugs who put him there in the first place. Also starring Jennifer Gan (Women In Cages), Richard Rust (The Student Nurses) and directed by Bruce Clark (Galaxy Of Terror).

Available exclusively at (Sweet Kill) and (Naked Angels).

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