Schlock-Wire: New Issue Of CINEMA SEWER Available, Plus Three (!) More Robin Bougie Comic Book Extravaganzas

A new issue of Cinema Sewer is always a pleasure for those of us into the outré side of cinema.  Your Humble Reviewer has been following this zine for nearly as decade and considers it one of the few must-reads in the field (and he’s not just saying that because his work has been published in its pages).  It covers everything from mainstream cinema to the darkest, most forbidden corners of the pornographic world, with a special focus on discussing b-movies from all over the globe.  Publisher/artist/writer/cine-addict Robin Bougie painstakingly illustrates the majority of each issue, right down to the lettering, and also writes most of the articles.  The end result is as personal as zines get.

Anyone who appreciates Bougie’s style has reason to celebrate because the latest issue of Cinema Sewer is ready for purchase.  This installment covers everything from Pumping Iron to Hell Of The Living Dead and also features guest articles by comedian Patton Oswalt and underground filmmaker Andy Copp.  As usual, it packs a senses-defying amount of opinions, insights and art into 44 pages and is available for the princely sum of $4.00.

If that’s not enough Bougie-tainment for you, he also has an additional three titles to offer at this time. The first is the latest issue of Maximum Superexcitement, a comic that pays homage to exploitation and vintage porn all at once.  The next is the second volume of Dear Mr. Bougie, which collects 43 of the drawings Bougie has done for fans to decorate the title page of his Cinema Sewer book.  Last but not least is Sleazy Slice, a collection of adult-themed comics by several artists including Bougie himself.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these, just visit this link to Bougie’s e-store:

Both Cinema Sewer compilation books are also available there, as well as DVD’s and subscriptions to Cinema Sewer.  Bougie’s regularly updated Livejournal page is also worth a visit – – but it’s very NSFW so be careful when and where you view it.

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