Schlock-Wire: PAGE-JUMPER, A Short Film Written By Schlockmania, Is Coming To Atlanta And NYC!

A quick bit of screening news for those living in Atlanta and New York City: Page-Jumper, a short film directed by Eduardo Miyar and written by yours truly, has a couple of festival screenings on the horizon.  This 20-minute film is equal parts sci-fi, thriller and meta-storytelling.  It was directed by Eduardo Miyar, who previously directed Overlapping Scenarios, and boasts a cast that includes actor/writer/documentarian Mike Malloy.  Here’s the official synopsis:

“Angie leads a humdrum life, toiling day in and day out at a dead-end job. Her only source of excitement is escaping through her favorite series of spy novels, “Blade Of Justice.”  Everything changes on the day her boss calls her into his office to talk to some surprising visitors from a shadowy government agency who accuse her of a very strange crime.”

Page-Jumper will be playing Atlanta’s Dragon Con Film Festival on Friday, August 31st. It will be shown in the 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. block in the Learning Center at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  To buy tickets for Dragon Con, click here:

You can learn more about the Dragon Con Film Festival by clicking here:


A week later, Page-Jumper will play at the Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival in New York City.  It will be shown on September 9th in the 7:00 p.m. block at the Producers Club on 358 West 44th Street.  To buy a ticket for this screening, click here:

And to learn more about the Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival, click here:

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