Schlock-Wire: Harmless Gets Philly-Soulful In January With PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL: THE RE-EDITS

As announced on Schlockmania previously, Harmless Records is teaming with the founders of Philadelphia International Records, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, to celebrate the label’s 40th anniversary with a series of reissue that pay tribute to its mighty legacy of sweet soul music.  First out of the gate will be Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits, a 2-disc set of classic recordings from the label’s past reworked for a modern audience by d.j.’s from all over the world.  Read on for all the decadent yet danceable details…

Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits

Released 16/01/2012

The first release of the ‘Philly 40’ campaign celebrating the 40th Anniversary Of Philadelphia International Records.

This labour of love originally commenced sometime around February 2010 and has subsequently gone through numerous different drafts and licensing hassles until we eventually managed to complete the package below.

The idea behind ‘Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits’ was really to examine the effect that the label has had upon subsequent generations of fans throughout the last 40 years. The sheer volume of credible new re-edits that have emerged throughout the last 10 years or so from the PIR stable is truly astonishing and underlines the enduring nature and international appeal of the label’s repertoire. Thus we have a truly international flavour to the project with key re-edits from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, West Palm, Miami, Brooklyn and Philadelphia in the USA, Bristol, Grove, Sunderland and Manchester in the UK, Dublin in Ireland, Glasgow In Scotland, Stuttgart in Germany, Brescia in Italy and Toronto in Canada to name but a few.

One reason why there has never been a package like this before is because it’s extremely difficult to improve upon perfection anyway plus the quality control standards at Philadelphia International have always been top level and generally out of reach in order to preserve the integrity of the catalogue. However, with the advent of re-edit culture and the increasing sophistication of affordable new technology, suddenly there was no longer the need to physically access the original master tapes – a costly and expensive process at the best of times. Now a re-editor could work from the comfort of his laptop and craft a re-edit at his or her leisure. This meant that rather than working in an expensive studio and compressing all your ideas into several hours or even several days, now re-edits can be done to each re-editors individual time-scales, whether they be over a couple of weeks or even a couple of years in some cases. The result has been that now a finished re-edit can finally be presented once someone has lived with it and tweaked it for weeks, months or even years. So, essentially, the disadvantages in not having access to the original multi-track tapes (and being able to isolate each track separately) can often be outweighed by the sheer time you can spend in getting something absolutely right without the time constraints of using an expensive studio.

So in the case of ‘Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits’ we were able to submit 2 full CD’s worth of re-edits which had been fully completed and honed to perfection by everyone. In many cases the structures of the songs had been extended quite radically, the breaks toughened up, the beats altered and, in one case, a stone-killer ballad was transformed into a House anthem.

My sincere thanks go out to Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, not only for their stunning musical legacy, but also for their vision in understanding that today’s audiences often require an additional slant on such evergreen classics. Thank you gentlemen!

CD 1 Uptempo Good Time Philly

1) Satisfaction Guaranteed – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 7.22
Re-Edited by Morning Star

2) Only The Strong Survive – Billy Paul 8.19
Re-Edited by J*Ski

3) Save A Place – The Trammps 6.37
Re-Edited by J*Ski

4) Free Love -Jean Carn 7.04
Re-Edited by Victor Rosado

5) Do It Anyway You Wanna – People’s Choice 6.35
Re-Edited by Keep Schtum

6) Life On Mars – Dexter Wansel 5.35
Re-Edited by DJ Mila

7) Mysteries Of The World – MFSB 6.00
Re-Edited by J*Ski

8 ) Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – McFadden & Whitehead 7.30
Re-Edited by Noodleman

9) Dance Turned Into Romance – The Jones Girls 6.55
Re-Edited by DJ Friction

10) Be For Real – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 7.43
Re-Edited by Tim McAllister

11) Message In Our Music – The O’Jays 9.16
Re-Edited by Jimmy The Twin

CD 2 Mellow Slinky Philly

1) If You Wanna Go Back – Jean Carn 6.46
Re-Edited by Morning Star

2) Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby – The O’Jays 8.08
A Deep&Disco Rework

3) You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else – The Jones Girls 8.36
Re-Edited by Henry Greenwood

4) Strategy – Archie Bell & The Drells 6.05
Re-Edited by Touchsoul

5) Let The Dollar Circulate – Billy Paul 6.41
A scratchandsniff re-rub

6) Easy Money – Dee Dee Sharp Gamble 6.56
Re-Edited by Todd Terje

7) Was That All It Was – Jean Carn 7.59
Re-Edited by Morning Star

8 ) Nights Over Egypt – The Jones Girls 6.59
Re-Edited by Womack & TOT

9) Don’t Let Love Get You Down – Archie Bell & The Drells 8.00
Re-Edited by Ed Zone

10) Wake Up Everybody – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 9.31
Re-Edited by Apt One

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