Schlock-Wire: Disco Legend Tom Moulton Unleashes A New Set Of Remixes On PHILLY RE-GROOVED From Harmless Records!

Great news for disco fanatics: Tom Moulton, the patron saint of disco and the inventor of the 12-inch remix, has put together some new remixes of vintage label for the Harmless Records label.  The remix collection is called Philly Re-Grooved and features Moulton applying his mix-magic to a batch of tunes originally released on the Philly Groove label during the 1970’s.  The track selection includes some pre-Salsoul classics by First Choice and even a track from the soundtrack of the disco/horror/comedy brain-melter Nocturna!  Read on for all the magical mirrorball details…




1. “We’re On The Right Track” by Ultra High Frequency (featuring Ben Aiken) – 6:36
2. “Armed And Extremely Dangerous” by First Choice – 6:34
3. “I Told You So” by The Delfonics – 5:44
4. “This Is The House (Where Love Died)” by First Choice – 6:41
5. “Big Stone Wall (Around Your Heart) ” by Tapestry – 4:17
6. “Let Us Entertain You” by The Philly Groove Orchestra (featuring First Choice) – 7:00
7. “Second Best (Is Never Enough) by Finishing Touch – 5:15

8. “Gotta Get Away” by First Choice – 7:44
9. “Ruby Lee” by Nat Turner (featuring Major Harris) – 4:43
10. “Gonna Keep On Lovin’ Him” by First Choice – 4:34
Bonus Tracks:

11. “Don’t Put Me Down” by Finishing Touch – 9:09
12. “Whatcha Gonna Do” by Heaven ’n Hell – 9:49

‘It was always a magical moment buying the latest vinyl release and seeing the words ‘A Tom Moulton Mix’ at the bottom of the label leading to an air of anticipation. That excitement of what one was about to hear knowing that the mix would add a touch of class that would expand on what the original version would have sounded like. Tom can, quite literally, add the Phiilly sound to just about any track he is given to remix. His genius made him his name’ Steve Handbury – extract from the sleeve notes

Well, it’s a historic occasion and when the folks at Harmless realised they were coming up to their 100th release they knew it better be something special…

Already one of the most anticipated releases of the year by the disco aficionados, “Philly Re-Grooved: The Tom Moulton Remixes” puts the world’s greatest and most respected veteran mixer of all time with one of the first labels which catered to the emerging Disco sound of the early 1970’s – Philly Groove.

Philly Groove exploded onto the world stage with a huge brace of hits for the Delfonics then subsequently followed through with the international smash “Armed & Extremely Dangerous” by First Choice which well and truly ushered the Disco age into worldwide consciousness. Philly Groove followed through with a slew of beautifully recorded gems from the likes of Tapestry, Nat Turner (featuring Major Harris), Finishing Touch and further Disco smashes from First Choice, The Delfonics and the Philly Groove Orchestra (essentially M.F.S.B. under another name).

However most of Philly Groove’s prestigious output was released before the 12 inch format was invented (co-incidentally by Tom Moulton himself). When the opportunity arose for Tom Moulton to go back to the original 2” masters of these early Disco gems and remix them he jumped at the opportunity. So finally we are treated to the full glory of the Philly Groove catalogue remixed for the full 12” versions by the master himself. THAT’S why it is Harmless’ 100th release!

Also includes the hard-to-find “We’re On The Right Track” by Ultra High Frequency and two fantastic bonus tracks which are blowing up on UK Radio and Club’s right now – the wonderful “Don’t Put Me Down” by Finishing Touch and the utterly sensational “Whatcha Gonna Do” – Heaven n’ Hell which will be one of the soundtracks to Summer 2010!

There will be much interest in Philly remix projects through this Summer following Dimitri From Paris’s “Get Down With Philly Sound” album out in May and Tom Moulton’s “Philly Re-Grooved” out on August 30th so make sure you’re in the loop!

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