Schlock-Wire: Tom Moulton’s PHILLY RE-GROOVED VOL. 2 Coming In May

Students of 1970’s grooves, take note: class is back in session at the end of May when Harmless Records releases Philly Re-Grooved Vol. 2.  As with the previous set (review here), this sequel will feature a brand-new set of Tom Moulton remixes for some classic Philly soul material.  The track listing features such cult favorites as First Choice, Moment Of Truth and Moulton’s own legendary Philly-goes-disco recording project, TJM.  The disc will be released on May 30th.  In the meantime, read on for all satin-soul details…


The Master Returns



When Harmless released ‘Philly Re-grooved – The Tom Moulton Remixes’ back in August 2010, they had no idea how it would be received by today’s notoriously fickle marketplace. Would today’s audiences appreciate the skills and talents of a guy who was at the forefront of dance music history some 40 years ago? Would current audiences understand the subtle nuances and musical interactions of a pioneer mixing records from a bygone era in today’s age of instant gratification?

The answer to all the above questions was a resounding YES and then some. ‘Philly Re-Grooved’ Volume 1 was a special release in many ways. Not only was it the 100th release in the 15 year history of Harmless Records but it was also very much a mark of respect to one of the greatest remixers of all-time, Tom Moulton. Whilst this would be of great significance to people of a certain era, there was really no guarantee that interest would go much beyond the core audience of disco stalwarts from back in the day.

Philly Re-Grooved’ Volume 1 touched a very significant nerve with anyone who loved dance music in the summer of 2010. After decades of being force-fed computer-driven dance music by bedroom producers who decided that they could take the place of professional songwriters, producers, arrangers and musicians, there was a sudden thirst for organic productions again, namely the kind of records which required consummate experts to craft them and often full orchestras of 40 plus musicians to bring the songs to life. ‘Philly Re-Grooved’ was a huge success has been one of Harmless’ biggest catalogue-sellers ever since,

‘Philly Re-grooved Volume 2’ is a continuation to the testament of the talents of Tom Moulton. Once again Tom goes back to the golden age of 70’s Philly and shows his skills on key tracks from First Choice, Quickest Way Out, Ultra High Frequency, Moment Of Truth, Loose Change, TJM and Terry Collins. The productions contain a ‘who’s who’ of musical geniuses behind the scenes: Thom Bell, Norman Harris, Stan Watson, Bobby Eli, Touch Of Class, Alan Felder and of course Reid Whitelaw and Tom Moulton.

1) Incompatible – Ultra High Frequency 5.51
2) Smarty Pants – First Choice 5.10
3) Beware, She’s Pulling My Strings – The Quickest Way Out 7.08
4) One Step Away – First Choice 5.37
5) Love At First Sight – Moment Of Truth 7.40
6) Who Am I – The Quickest Way Out 6.31
7) I’m Hopelessly In Love With You – Moment Of Truth 7.15
8 – Straight From The Heart – Loose Change 7.39
9) Put Yourself In My Place – TJM 8.42
Bonus Tracks
10) Rising Cost Of Love – Loose Change 7.36
11) Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Terry Collins 7.09

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