Schlock-Wire: Watch An Exclusive Clip From Mike Malloy’s Home Video Documentary Opus PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND

Schlockmania is proud to offer up an exclusive glimpse at an exciting long-form documentary that is nearing completion.  Plastic Movies Rewound was first mentioned here a few years back when documentarian/writer/actor Mike Malloy was wrapping up his crowdfunding campaign for this project.  He is unveiling clips from the project online throughout this week, including a clip below that makes its internet debut right here at Schlockmania.

Unlike a lot of VHS-themed docs on the market, Plastic Movies Rewound doesn’t just focus on fan culture.  Instead, it tackles the history of the format and how it created the foundation for the home video culture that continues today.  It goes deep on all historical fronts, not only talking to the enthusiasts who fueled that culture but also the executives, filmmakers and store owners who rode that tidal wave right into the history books.  Schlockmania has seen multiple clips and is confident in the belief that this will be the last word on the history and effects of the ’80s home video boom.

Check out the clip below to get a taste of what is yet to come.  It’s entitled “The Party’s Over” and explores how copyright concerns and major studio angst put an end to the tape-trading scene that gave VHS its first support base.  The clip includes an array of O.G. VHS enthusiasts, including Jim Lowe, who began publishing the legendary Videophile magazine in 1976.  There’s some excellent file footage in there, including a clip from a 1979 VHS hobbyist convention!

Note that this is no slapped-together assemblage of talking heads.  Malloy weaves his history together with slick animation and graphics, sharp editing and some wry recreations to evoke VHS nostalgia.  Also, listen out for the excellent synth-heavy score and narration by this project’s secret weapon, composer Matthew Miklos (formerly of garage rock legends, The Lyres).

So watch, listen and have your mind blown.  This is next-level stuff, people: Plastic Movies Rewound is not only entertaining and informative but groundbreaking in how it connects the dots for anyone interested in this overlooked chunk of entertainment business history.  Enjoy it and rest assured that Schlockmania will keep you posted as this project approaches the finish line…


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