Schlock-Wire: Full Specs For Scream Factory’s Special Edition Of PRINCE OF DARKNESS

Here’s some fantastic news for John Carpenter fans: Scream Factory has released a formal announcement for their upcoming special edition of Prince Of Darkness.  This offbeat chiller mixes demonic possession with quantum physics (!) and features a memorable cameo role for shock-rocker Alice Cooper.  This special edition will be released in both blu-ray and DVD editions on September 24th.  Read on for all the Satanic-septic-shock details, including a full breakdown of the extras and a special offer from the Scream Factory website…


Get ready for the ultimate presentation of the heart-pounding supernatural thriller by heralded master of horror director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog, They Live) as the long-awaited PRINCE OF DARKNESS Collector’s Edition Blu-ray™ and DVD invade home entertainment shelves everywhere on SEPTEMBER 24 from SCREAM FACTORY. Available for the first time on Blu-ray, this collector’s edition is brimming with insightful extras, including new interviews with John Carpenter and Alice Cooper, special audio commentary and much more!

Donald Pleasence (Halloween), Jameson Parker (Simon & Simon), Lisa Blount (Needful Things), rock icon Alice Cooper, Victor Wong and Dennis Dun (both from Carpenter’s Big Trouble In Little China) star in this gripping suspense thriller on the terrifying battle between mankind and the ultimate evil.  A group of graduate students and scientists uncover an ancient canister in an abandoned church. When they open it, they inadvertently unleash a strange liquid and an evil force on all of humanity. As the liquid turns their co-workers into zombies, the remaining members realize they have released the most unspeakable horror of them all. Terror mounts as the team must fight to save the world from a devilish fury that has been contained for over seven million years.

Special Features

Audio Commentary with John Carpenter

Sympathy For The Devil – An all-new Interview with Writer/Director John Carpenter

Alice at the Apocalypse  – An all-new interview with Actor & Rock Legend Alice Cooper

The Messenger – All-new interview with Actor & Special Visual Effects Supervisor Robert Grasmere

Hell On Earth –A look at the film’s score with Co-Composer Alan Howarth

Horror’s Hallowed Grounds with host Sean Clark

Alternate Opening from TV Version

Original Theatrical Trailer

***Avid fans and collectors please take note: those who order DAY OF THE DEAD Collector’s Edition and/ or PRINCE OF DARKNESS Collector’s Edition, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR TRILOGY and THE VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION from will receive the respective exclusive 18”x24” poster featuring the newly commissioned artwork!  These are only available while supplies last.***


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