Schlock-Wire: Check Out The First “Promo Foolaround” Trailer To EUROCRIME!

Take note of the name Mike Malloy.  You’ll be hearing a lot about this rising young filmmaker in the months to come at Schlockmania.  He’s the director and driving force behind a new documentary called Eurocrime!, an extensive history of the Italian cop and crime films that were a fixture of that country’s cinematic output throughout the 1970’s.  He’s worked on it for four years and is getting close to wrapping the post-production on this hotly-anticipated item.

As he applies the finishing touches to his documentary, Malloy has also begun to put together what he calls “promo foolarounds” for the film.  These are essentially fun montages of stock visual devices used in Italian crime films.  With his permission, Schlockmania is proud to present the first of these foolarounds: it’s entitled “They’re Coming!” and is a montage of the “guys get out of a car at the same time” scenes that you see so frequently in these films.  Check it out…

Schlockmania will keep you updated as more details arise about the completion and distribution of Eurocrime! (especially the additional promo foolarounds coming down the pike).  That’s not all you’ll be hearing from Malloy: he also served as associate producer and cast member on The Scarlet Worm, a modern take on the Spaghetti Western that will be hitting DVD and blu-ray soon.  Expect film and disc reviews soon for that film: Your Humble Reviewer got to preview it recently and it’s a delightfully gritty throwback to the blood-drenched 1970’s era of western filmmaking.

Until then, this entry will wind down with an early trailer for Eurocrime! that highlights all the new interviews that were shot for it…

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  1. Hey, Mike, that is a funny foolaround ! Looking forward to more and to the film itself ! Should be awesome ! Glad to have been able to help a little — looks great….. wow, you got amazing interviews !! (Also congats on the film The Scarlett Worm ! that you produced and acted in !! )

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