Schlock-Wire: Cool Horror-Themed Documentary PSYCHOPATH Needs Your Help

A good friend in Wisconsin just brought this bit of news to Your Humble Reviewer’s attention – an interesting new documentary called Psychopath is looking for a little help from members its prospective audience.  It’s the story of a makeup-FX enthusiast, his dream of staging a state-of-the-art haunted house attraction using his own creations and all the obstacles he must ovecome.  The producers are looking for finishing funds to help them complete the picture and you can donate as little as $1 to help them out.  Read on for more details as well as a killer trailer guaranteed to whet your appetite…


Victor Marquez is a garbage man in rural Oklahoma. His entire life he’s wanted to be involved with special FX make-up, and work in movies. His plan was halted when he met Suezette. She was a beautiful blonde, with a fire red Trans Am and an 8-Track cassette player always blasting Heart. The only catch was, Suezette was his high school gym teacher. They eventually got married and raised a family, and Victor put his Hollywood dreams on hold.

25 years later, we find Victor is running a successful garbage route in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. He plans on taking the money he’s saved from the garbage route, and wants to build a haunted house theme park attraction in the woods called PSYCHOPATH. He believes he’ll be able to do special effects, build animatronics, and live his lifelong dream of scaring people with his art. This all seems quite harmless, except the people that live around the proposed theme park are not happy. Some threaten to kill him, others threaten to burn the park down, and when the threats don’t work they take him to zoning court. Victor is granted 5 years to prove to the community that the park will follow all the rules, and not cause any disruptions.

Everything I just described is what we’ve already shot. Our film crew was there for the first year of the building of the park, and through some of the court battles Victor had to fight along the way. Now we want to return and shoot the conclusion of the 5 years, and see how Victor’s is holding up.

We are trying to raise money for our return to Oklahoma in a few weeks. By shooting new interviews that stand out from our original footage, and by shooting more cinematic B-Roll/coverage, we’ll be able to enrich the story of Victor and the Psychopath to a new level. I have an award winning group of filmmakers willing to assist me and work for nothing, we’re just trying to cover our flights, gear rentals and any other expenses.

Please take a look at our trailer from our first years shoot and I hope you’ll want to be a part of the next journey into the PsychoPath!

Visit The PSYCHOPATH Kickstarter Page Here:

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