Schlock-Wire: Poster And Trailer For Chris Alexander’s QUEEN OF BLOOD

A quick bit of news on the latest work of Chris Alexander: the editor of Fangoria also moonlights as a filmmaker and Autonomy Pictures has recently issued some press materials for his next film, Queen Of Blood. It’s a continuation of the story of Irina, the vampire character Alexander introduced in Blood For Irina, and the new film also features Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy fame in its cast.  Read on for all the baroque bloodsucker details, including a look at the film’s poster and teaser trailer…




Chris Alexander, editor of Fangoria magazine, follows up his haunting vampire tale, Blood for Irina  with an experimental horror tale set in the fever dream of the Wild West.  Film features Shauna Henry reprising her role as Irina and Nivek Ogre of  “Skinny Puppy” fame.

QueenOB-pos(New York, NY – February 27, 2014) Writer, journalist and FANGORIA magazine editor Chris Alexander follows up his award-winning Blood for Irina with Autonomy Pictures’  “QUEEN OF BLOOD,” a thematic and stylistic story of vampire Irina (Shauna Henry, reprising her role) who has been reborn as a “vampiric” plague: a force of nature whose destiny is to lay waste to a fever dream vision of the Wild West. The art-horror film also stars Nivek Orgre, vocalist and lyricist of “Skinny Puppy” fame as a demented preacher.   “QUEEN OF BLOOD” is expected to hit festivals this year.  Check out the moody trailer here:


A thematic and stylistic follow-up to Chris Alexander’s first film, the award-winning experimental psychodrama BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD sees vampire Irina (once more played by Shauna Henry) reborn as a “vampiric” plague, a force of nature whose destiny is to lay waste to a fever dream vision of the Wild West. Drawing her victims to her like insects to bright lights, Irina drains their blood through her fingertips while setting her sights on a pregnant widow (Carrie Gemmell, whose dreamy vocals also grace Alexander’s original score), a woman who might hold the key to Irina’s fate.

Legendary Skinny Puppy vocalist and lyricist Nivek Ogre (REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA) also stars as a mad preacher, dangerously obsessed with Irina whom he sees as an act of God.  An epic, psychological, surrealist opera with touches of science fiction, QUEEN OF BLOOD also features costumes by Alex Kavanagh (the SAW franchise, LAND OF THE DEAD, REPO!) and special FX work from Paul Jones (SILENT HILL, POMPEII, the RESIDENT EVIL franchise).

“BLOOD FOR IRINA” is available on Blu-ray and Digital on Amazon:



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