Schlock-Wire: The Schlocktober Project, 2021 Edition, Is A Go On Letterboxd

There will be no new posts this week because Schlockmania needs some extra watching and reviewing time for an ambitious short-form posting series. The Schlocktober Project, now in its third year, is an annual project that Schlockmania undertakes during the month of October, watching at least one horror film per day for that month and then penning short reviews for everything watched at Schlockmania’s Letterboxd page.

As of this post, nine films have been covered thus far for this project, plus a pre-game title watched and reviewed on September 30th as a warm-up. You can keep an eye on Schlockmania’s progress by visiting its Letterboxd page, which will be updated daily for the remainder of October:

Updates with each day’s reviews will also be available via Schlockmania’s Facebook and Twitter pages:

There are plenty of fun titles planned for the rest of the month, including one five-film franchise, a string of vintage Mexican horror films and plenty of classics and deep-cuts from the ’70s and ’80s. Hopefully, one of these capsule reviews will help you find a film (or two, or three…) you’d like to see for yourself.

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