Schlock-Wire: Help Jack Perez Make His Animal Rights Noir Thriller SEARCH & RESCUE

Jack Perez is a friend of this website – read this interview to learn more about his impressive and varied c.v. – and he’s got a new project in the works that Schlockmania is proud to promote. In fact, you can get in the ground floor and help make it happen via an Indiegogo campaign. The film is called Search & Rescue and it mixes animal rights issues into the type of noir-ish crime thriller that Jack is skilled at making.  Read on to learn more about the project, which already has some impressive actors attached…

The feature film Search & Rescue by Filmmaker and animal rights advocate Jack Perez, is an animal rights crime thriller with the mission of reaching a wide audience to raise awareness on the current state of animal welfare.

We want to make this film completely independent and free of studio influence, because studios will most definitely interfere with our mission to incorporate an animal welfare message. Since we are a completely independent production, we need YOU to help make this film happen!

The Search & Rescue crowdfunding campaign is live! Head over there to learn more and show your support for this awesome project starring Kevin Corrigan from The Departed and Lucy Davis from Wonder Woman!

With your help we can give abused and mistreated animals a big screen voice.

Thank You!

Indiegogo Campaign:–2#/

S&R from Jack Perez on Vimeo.

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