Schlock-Wire: Specs For Severin’s Adults Only Limited Edition Blu-Ray Of THE SINFUL DWARF

January 13, 2016 For a VERY limited time only Severin Films will make available 3000 copies of THE SINFUL DWARF on Blu-Ray. The disc will include TWO versions of the film, plus bonus feature film from its infamous producers, the ultra-rare, THE BLUE BALLOON, scanned at 2k, plus a host of other exclusive extras! The cover for this set will feature newly commissioned key art by Wes Benscotter.



Gets Filthy Blu-Ray Special Edition From Severin Films



Upon its restored DVD release in 2009, The Sinful Dwarf was hailed as “deliciously sordid” (Mr. Skin), “the stuff of lewd legend” (PopMatters) and “a masterpiece of depravity” (Cinefantastique Online). But was there any possible way “the most amazing dirty dwarf movie ever made” (Mondo Digital) could be even more amazingly filthy? Severin Films is now unconscionably proud to present both the hard and soft versions of THE SINFUL DWARF along with all-new extras including a nightmare-inducing hardcore short starring former kiddie-show host and pint-sized pervert Torben Bille himself. Experience “the mother of all Dwarfsploitation films” (The Daily Grindhouse) like never before, remastered from materials recently seized in a Roskilde vice raid!


SinDwar-bluFull Specs:


THE DWARF – Strong International Version


THE ABDUCTED BRIDE – Alternate US Release Version


The Harry Novak Story – Featurette On The Sultan Of Sexploitation With American Grindhouse Director Elijah Drenner


THE BLUE BALLOON – 1973 Feature Film, Never Before Released On Any Home Video Format


THE HOTTEST SHOW IN TOWN – Excerpt From Torben Bille Sex Film


The Search For Torben – Featurette On Effort To Find Cast/Crew From THE SINFUL DWARF


The Severin Controversy – Featurette On The Lasting Effects Of THE SINFUL DWARF


Trailers, TV Spot, Radio Spot


The Sinful Dwarf Trailer from Severin Films on Vimeo.

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