Schlock-Wire: Severin Adds A Perverse Plush Toy Offer For Their SINFUL DWARF Release

Severin Films, against their better judgement, decided to produce a Strictly Limited Run of Olaf, THE SINFUL DWARF, plush toys. And look below for Severin’s new, specially produced TV Spot advertising this decidedly wrong cuddly doll.

SinDwar-toyTHE SINFUL DWARF doll based on the title character of the 1973 film is 11″ in height and speaks/giggles when his belly is pressed. Vidal Raski’s notorious film, which will be released in a Limited Edition Blu-Ray on March 1st by Severin, has been described as “The Mother Of All Dwarfsploitation Films,”* “Bizarre & Vile,”** and “A Masterpiece Of Depravity,”*** making this one of the most immoral toys ever released. THIS TOY IS NOT FOR CHILDREN.

THE SINFUL DWARF doll is available to order from the store and can also be ordered as a bundle with the Blu-ray and a bundle with the Blu-ray and T-shirt.
Customers who already pre-ordered the Blu-ray can upgrade to the Blu/Doll bundle by writing to


* The Daily Grindhouse

** Rock!Shock!Pop!

*** Cinefantastique Online



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